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Images: The City Hall Grill of Schenectady


SCHENECTADY – Let’s take a virtual tour‌ of the renowned City Hall Grill ‌in Schenectady.

Take a visual journey⁣ with us as we explore the bustling City Hall Grill in Schenectady. The images below capture the essence of this popular eatery,⁤ from ⁢the ⁤vibrant atmosphere to the mouth-watering dishes being prepared.

On ‍a bustling Wednesday afternoon, June 12, 2024,⁣ Shawn Bumburg, the⁤ proud co-owner of the popular City ​Hall Grill ⁤located on ​Franklin Street in Schenectady, is seen⁣ meticulously preparing an order of their signature loaded⁣ nachos, topped off with ⁢a generous⁢ serving of⁤ sour cream.

City ⁤Hall Grill in Schenectady

Not just the‍ nachos, Shawn ⁣Bumburg is also seen crafting the Bummsters Famous Sub, ‌another crowd favorite at the City ⁢Hall Grill. The dedication and⁤ passion he puts into preparing each dish is evident and it’s no wonder the ⁣City Hall Grill​ is a beloved‍ spot for many.

City Hall Grill in Schenectady

These captivating images were‌ captured by the talented Stan Hudy, who managed to‍ encapsulate the essence of the City Hall Grill‍ and the dedication of its co-owner, ​Shawn Bumburg.

Feast your eyes on a⁤ mouth-watering plate‍ of loaded nachos, freshly prepared and ready to be served at the renowned ⁣City Hall Grill, located on Franklin Street in Schenectady. This enticing image was‌ captured on a sunny Wednesday afternoon, ⁣June ⁣12, 2024,‍ just in⁢ time for the bustling‍ lunch service.

City⁤ Hall Grill⁢ in Schenectady

Photograph by Stan Hudy

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