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Concerns⁢ over Affordable Housing in Schenectady

It‌ is disheartening to note⁣ the⁣ lack⁢ of consideration for affordable housing in Schenectady. ⁣There has been‌ explosive growth‍ in new ‌real estate developments, skyscrapers, and luxury apartments. In other words, ⁤our city is becoming less and⁢ less affordable for ​average​ income families. According to the latest news report on ​WHNY, the median price for⁢ new houses has jumped significantly⁤ over the ​past year. Do ‌we completely disregard those working​ families who cannot afford⁤ this ⁢ "new⁣ normal"? We need more affordable housing ‌in Schenectady, not just high-end real estate. It’s ⁤the responsibility of the community leaders and policymakers to plan for everyone in our community, not just those who ⁣can afford luxury homes.
James Peterson

Increasing Traffic in Union Street

The growing traffic‍ congestion on Union Street⁣ is a major concern for residents. One primary⁣ reason could be the new shopping‍ complex and ⁤the increase in the​ number ​of food⁤ trucks that were covered in one of your recent stories. The‍ sidewalks are filled with pedestrians due to these new establishments, and this ⁢has, in turn, increased the ‌number of vehicles. This situation is especially severe during peak hours. It’s​ high time⁣ the city council takes this ​issue into consideration. A possible solution could be expanding the parking areas or establishing a⁣ proper ⁤schedule for food trucks.⁢ The traffic⁢ same⁤ situation needs immediate ⁢attention before ‌it ‍escalates ​any further.
Barbara ⁢Evans

Initiatives Towards⁣ Cleaner Schenectady

I applaud the⁤ commendable​ efforts ‌of ‍our fellow‌ residents undertaken towards the cleanliness and beautification of downtown Schenectady. Your coverage on Div.13 Clean-Schenectady Volunteer Group⁢ last week shed‍ light on their⁤ hard‌ work. ⁢Their ⁢diligence is truly visible in the noticeably cleaner streets​ and parks. I would like to suggest here that we could also introduce more garbage⁢ cans across‌ the city, especially in busy areas. This⁣ could greatly reduce littering. ⁣Furthermore, the city should also consider ⁤routinely​ organizing ⁤community ‌clean-up drives to⁣ inspire more residents.​ After all, a​ cleaner city‍ is a ⁣healthier city.
Suzanne Thompson

Frank Sullivan
Frank Sullivan
Frank Sullivan, a veteran journalist with over 30 years in the industry, serves as the guiding hand for editorial content. An alumnus of Columbia Journalism School, Frank has worked his way up from a beat reporter to editor, and he now curates the weekly 'Letters to the Editor' section.
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