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Hiroshi Tanaka | Age 93

Hiroshi Tanaka moved on peacefully, surrounded by the love of his family, after a fulfilling and adventurous life. Born in a small, picturesque town...

Dorothy Sullivan | Age 86

Dorothy Sullivan left us at the age of 86, her life a legacy of laughter, resilience, and a love that extended beyond the bounds...

Julie Martin | Age 34

Julie Martin left us too soon at the tender age of 34, her bright spirit and vivacious energy forever etched in the hearts of...

Angela Richardson | Age 52

Angela Richardson passed away at the age of 52, her life a beautiful journey of compassion, leadership, and enduring love. Angela was a ray of...

Evelyn Murphy | Age 86

Evelyn Murphy passed on at the age of 87, remembered for her boundless energy and the warmth of her smile. Evelyn was born in the...

Isabella Martinez | Age 53

Isabella Martinez left us at the age of 53, her life a brilliant reflection of her vibrant spirit and the deep love she had...

Kevin Tanaka | Age 54

Kevin Tanaka passed away at the age of 32, a life filled with ambition, innovation, and an unwavering commitment to excellence. Kevin grew up in...

Tyler Anderson | Age 26

Tyler Anderson left us at the age of 26, his life a brilliant spark that burned too briefly but illuminated the lives of all...

Michael O’Neil | Age 23

Michael O'Neil passed away at the young age of 23, a life marked by bravery, dedication, and the promise of a bright future. Michael was...

Eleanor DiAngelo | Age 82

Eleanor DiAngelo passed away at the age of 82, her life a beautiful tapestry woven with love, family, and a touch of Italian flair. Eleanor...

Margaret Foster | Age 84

Margaret Foster passed away at the age of 84, her life a testament to her nurturing spirit, her intellectual curiosity, and her unwavering strength. Margaret...

Maria Gonzalez | Age 78

Maria Gonzalez passed away at the age of 78, her life an enduring story of love, family, and cultural pride. Originally from the vibrant and...

David Kim | Age 51

David Kim passed away at the age of 51, his life a story of ambition, achievement, and the relentless pursuit of knowledge. David spent his...

Robert McCarthy | 81

Robert McCarthy left us at the age of 81, his life an enduring legacy of perseverance, wisdom, and compassionate leadership. Robert was a lifelong resident...

Barbara Jensen | Age 63

Barbara Jensen passed away at the age of 63, her life a beautiful mosaic of community, creativity, and love. A Schenectady native, Barbara was a...

Interim DEC Commissioner Role Given to Resident of Colonie

Sean Mahar is set to become the interim commissioner of the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation, replacing Basil Seggos, while a national search is conducted for a permanent replacement

Schenectady Tourism Authorities Express Optimism Over Hotel Proposals

Schenectady County's tourism sector is in urgent need of additional hotel rooms as existing ones are fully booked ahead of the summer season, according to Todd Garofano, executive director of Discovery Schenectady

McCarthy urged by League of Women Voters to nominate police review board candidate

The League of Women Voters urges Schenectady Mayor Gary McCarthy to progress with its nominee for the city's Civilian Police Review Board, which has been pending for six months

Woman apprehended as Oregon Avenue residence in Schenectady is stormed

A woman was arrested in a drug raid at a home on Oregon Avenue in Schenectady, New York, facing multiple drug charges

2024 Season at Schenectady Municipal Golf Course is in Full Operation

The Schenectady Municipal Golf Course has opened for the season, kicking off with a driving contest between the city's mayor and a local high school junior

Schenectady’s Seed to Supper Program Battles Against Food Insecurity

Local filmmakers Micah Khan and Victoria Diana enroll in the Seed to Supper program by Cornell Cooperative Extension of Schenectady County to grow their own produce due to rising grocery prices

Schenectady County to finance improvements for miSci planetarium

The Schenectady Museum of Innovation and Science's Suits-Bueche Planetarium is set to receive $55,000 in funding from Metroplex for renovations, in addition to $15,000 from other sources, for a total project cost of $70,000

Investigation Underway for Recent Kia Thefts in Schenectady by Local Police

The Schenectady Police Department is investigating a series of six Kia vehicle thefts that occurred throughout the city between February 28 and March 31

Proposal for Hyatt House at Mohawk Harbor in Schenectady Under Consideration

The Galesi Group has announced plans to build a new 100-room, five-story Hyatt House hotel at Mohawk Harbor, weeks after breaking ground on a new hockey arena at the same site

YouTuber Detained for Illegally Entering Schenectady City Hall

A YouTuber named Sean Reyes was arrested for trespassing at Schenectady City Hall after refusing to stop filming inside the building, violating city law
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