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Raising Awareness for Pedestrian Safety

Schenectady has been my ⁣home for over 15 years and it’s alarming to see the recent reports of car accidents involving pedestrians. A tragic ‌incident ​took place just last‍ week around ⁣Upper Union‌ Street. It’s time for ‌the city and residents alike to address this growing concern for pedestrian safety. I request the city council to conduct regular traffic studies ⁢and install‌ safety measures like speed radars and clearer crosswalk signs. Let’s all work together to make our city safe for everyone, children and adults alike.
Robert‌ Hartley

Frustration over ⁣Recent Water Main Breaks

In response to the‌ news story aired on ‌WHNY about the recent spurt of water main breaks in Schenectady, it is frustrating to ⁤face constant water service interruptions. It’s about time that⁤ the city budget prioritizes the repair and regular maintenance of‍ the infrastructure system to avoid such recurring issues. Let’s not wait ‌for another ⁣day without water or worse, a major ​catastrophe, to get⁢ to work on ⁢this problem. Thank you, WHNY News for⁣ bringing this important ​issue to ⁣light.
Meredith Peterson

Schenectady’s ​Rich History Deserves More Attention

It’s ⁤difficult to not notice the rich history and diverse culture of Schenectady as you walk down its streets. Yet, it often feels ⁣like this history is overlooked. I believe more can​ be ‍done to celebrate and preserve it. I propose working on ‌initiatives to restore and maintain ‌some ⁣of our ⁣historic landmarks,⁢ like the Van Guysling House, and​ include more local‌ history in our public schools’ curriculum. Preserving our city’s history can instill​ a sense of pride and community among our residents – young and old.
Carl Thompson

Frank Sullivan
Frank Sullivan
Frank Sullivan, a veteran journalist with over 30 years in the industry, serves as the guiding hand for editorial content. An alumnus of Columbia Journalism School, Frank has worked his way up from a beat reporter to editor, and he now curates the weekly 'Letters to the Editor' section.
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