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Alaska Landslide Claims Lives of Identified Victims, Concerns Remain for Missing Individuals


Three Dead,​ Three Missing After Deadly Alaska Landslide

According ‌to authorities, sixteen-year-old Mara Heller, 44-year-old Timothy Heller, and 36-year-old Beth Heller were killed in‍ a landslide that hit the Zimovia Highway near Wrangell⁣ on Monday night, while three more people, 65-year-old Otto Florschutz, 12-year-old Derek⁤ Heller, and 11-year-old Kara ⁤Heller are ⁤still missing. ⁣The ​remains‍ of‌ those killed have been found and sent for a medical examination.

The ⁣initial active search has⁢ now been changed to a reactive search and the authorities are working on clearing the road of debris⁣ and preparing to continue the search ⁤if any new information or evidence is found. ⁤Despite this change, Governor​ Mike​ Dunleavy has issued a disaster declaration in Wrangell‌ in order to expedite relief efforts.

The search efforts have been ​extensive, with drones, helicopters, and planes;⁤ ground teams with K-9 scent detection dogs ​and trained professionals; and ​water-based searching with K-9 teams and⁤ sonar all being used⁤ in the search. Officials have found ⁣the remains of ⁤16-year-old Mara, while the others were located by a drone operator and the search ​for the missing⁤ people continues.

According to experts, the debris flow ‍could have been caused by heavy rain, rapid snowmelt, or already saturated soil. The ⁤area has been particularly wet in recent days, with more than 3 inches of rain falling around Wrangell in the 24 hours prior⁢ to the landslide. On top of that, high ‌winds may have also played a role. The region is known to be​ at​ risk for ‌landslides and other natural ⁣disasters, and the Governor has made finding​ the missing ⁢individuals a priority.

Our condolences go⁢ out to the ⁢families, friends, and loved ‍ones of the victims, and we hope for a speedy and successful conclusion to ​the ‌ongoing search efforts. ⁢Nature can be a force to be reckoned with, and it’s always important to remain‌ vigilant⁤ and be⁣ prepared for the worst.

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