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Chauvin, found guilty in murder of George Floyd, predicted to survive assault in jail


Fired Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin‍ expected to survive after prison attack

The former Minneapolis police officer‍ Derek Chauvin, who was convicted in the ​death of George Floyd, was the target of an assault‍ in a prison in Arizona on‌ Friday, but is expected ⁣to ​survive, according to officials.

Chauvin, who was‌ sentenced ​to 21 years in ​federal prison and ‌22 ½ years in Minnesota ​state court, is currently being held at the Federal Correctional Institution in Tucson. The attack, which⁤ was carried out by an unidentified‍ inmate, prompted emergency medical services to be called⁤ and Chauvin was rushed to a hospital.

Minnesota Attorney General Keith Ellison expressed sadness at the news of the attack ‌and condemned any ⁤violence⁢ against incarcerated individuals. He stated that​ Chauvin, like any other ⁢prisoner, should be able to serve his sentence without fear of⁢ retaliation or violence.

The Bureau⁣ of Prisons confirmed the assault at the Tucson facility, but did not disclose the identity⁢ or condition of the victim ​due to privacy reasons. However, a spokesperson did ⁣confirm that employees followed proper protocol and tried to save the victim’s ‍life.

The death ​of George Floyd in 2020 ignited ⁤global protests against police ‌brutality and​ racism, especially after the release of the video showing Chauvin, a white officer,⁣ kneeling on the⁤ neck of the handcuffed Black man for over nine minutes. ⁤Floyd’s ⁣murder prompted the conviction of Chauvin, who⁤ was found guilty of violating Floyd’s⁣ civil rights and murder in state court.

I am here to deliver some groundbreaking ⁢news to⁤ you about the current⁢ situation of Derek Chauvin, ⁤the‍ former Minneapolis police officer convicted‌ in the death of George Floyd. According to the spokesperson ‌from the Minnesota Attorney General’s office,⁤ Chauvin‌ is expected to survive after an attack in an Arizona ⁢prison⁢ on⁤ Friday.

The Associated Press initially reported on Chauvin’s stabbing and critical injury on Friday.

“It​ is ‌with great ​sadness to hear ‌that Derek Chauvin was the target ⁤of violence,” said Minnesota Attorney⁣ General Keith Ellison in a statement Saturday. “He was rightfully convicted of his crimes and, as with⁤ any individual in custody,⁤ should be​ allowed⁤ to serve‍ his sentence without fear of retaliation or harm.”

Ellison⁢ did not disclose further details about the incident.

A statement released on Sunday​ by Brian Evans, ⁣spokesperson for the Minnesota Attorney General’s Office, confirmed Chauvin’s condition: ⁢”We have‍ received information that he ⁢is expected⁣ to recover.”

Currently serving a federal sentence of 21 years for‌ violating Floyd’s ‌civil rights, as well as a concurrent 22 ½ years ⁢for his murder conviction in Minnesota state court, Chauvin’s life took a dangerous turn in the Federal Correctional Institution‍ in ‌Tucson.

The⁣ Federal Bureau of Prisons verified that an anonymous inmate‍ was assaulted at⁢ the facility and ⁤that employees​ quickly sprang⁢ into action, taking the victim to the hospital ⁤with the help⁢ of emergency medical services. The Bureau of Prisons refused to reveal the victim’s identity ⁤or medical condition, citing privacy laws.

Floyd’s death ‍in 2020 resulted in widespread outrage ⁤and protests around the ⁢globe against‍ police brutality and racial discrimination, after ⁢Chauvin, a white officer, pinned the handcuffed black man to the ground for more than nine minutes, ultimately killing him, all‍ of which was captured on video ⁤by a bystander.


Ex-Minneapolis Police ⁣Officer ‍Derek ‍Chauvin Expected to Survive After Prison Assault

In a shocking turn of events, former Minneapolis police officer ‌Derek Chauvin, who was convicted in the killing of ‌George Floyd, was the victim of an attack in ‍an Arizona prison on Friday. However, officials have reported that Chauvin ⁣is expected to survive.

Chauvin, who received a 21-year federal sentence for violating Floyd’s civil rights and a concurrent 22 ½-year sentence for murder in state court, is currently being held at the Federal Correctional Institution‍ in Tucson. After being assaulted by an unknown inmate, emergency medical​ services were called and Chauvin was transported⁢ to a nearby hospital.

Minnesota Attorney General Keith Ellison expressed his sadness at⁣ the news of the attack and condemned‌ any violence towards​ individuals in ​custody. Ellison stated⁣ that Chauvin, like⁢ any other prisoner, ⁣has the right⁣ to serve his⁤ sentence without fear of retaliation or violence.

The ⁣Bureau of Prisons confirmed the attack at the Tucson facility,⁢ but did not reveal the identity or condition ⁢of the⁣ victim due ⁢to privacy laws. A spokesperson ‍did‍ confirm⁤ that proper protocol was followed and⁤ efforts were made to save the​ injured individual’s ⁤life.

The death of George Floyd in 2020 ‌sparked ⁣a global​ movement ‌against police ‍brutality and racism,‌ especially after‌ the release of the video showing Chauvin, a white officer, kneeling ​on ⁤the neck of a handcuffed Black man for over⁢ nine minutes. The conviction of Chauvin, who was found guilty ⁣of violating Floyd’s civil rights and murder in state court, has been seen as a significant step towards ‍justice for ‍Floyd and⁢ his family.

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  1. “Let’s not forget that Chauvin’s life mattering in jail is a privilege that George Floyd was not granted. #JusticeForGeorgeFloyd”


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