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City Utah Governor Cox: Salt Lake City Ready to Host Olympics like No Other City



SALT LAKE CITY ⁣— On Tuesday, Governor Spencer Cox made a compelling case to the International Olympic Committee’s Future Host Commission, in Utah’s ⁣bid for the 2030 ⁤or 2034 Winter Games. The governor highlighted how hosting ‌another Olympics ⁤in the state could be a unifying force for a world that ‍is facing increasing turmoil.

“Utah ‍has the confidence to⁣ not only ⁣pull off an exceptional Games, but also⁤ to focus on the things that truly matter,” said Cox in a virtual presentation.

Along with Salt Lake City, the commission also heard ‍from late-entry bids from​ Sweden, Switzerland, and France for ⁣the 2030 Winter Games. However, the Utah bid team remained⁤ confident and emphasized that hosting another Olympics would bring people from diverse backgrounds together to celebrate sports and showcase the best ⁣of humanity.

The⁢ governor stated‌ that this was crucial given the unpredictable ⁣future of the world, and the chaotic trajectory‌ that it is currently on. As the chairman of the National ⁢Governors Association, Cox has been leading⁢ the “Disagree Better” campaign, encouraging people to better handle differences and disagreements.

Moreover, Utah’s previous experience hosting ​the 2002 Winter⁢ Games has prepared ⁢the state to​ take on this challenge.

“During the 2002 Games,⁢ our goal was just to survive and make‌ sure everything ran ​smoothly.⁢ Now, we don’t have to worry about that​ as we already have the experience and expertise. This means we can focus on bigger and better things,” said Cox.

The presentation also highlighted the extensive ‌preparations being⁢ made for the Games, including signing contracts to reuse the 2002 venues and securing ‍necessary government guarantees. Cox proudly stated that there is no other city on earth that is currently more prepared to host an Olympics than Salt Lake City.

According⁤ to the governor, the commission ‍members were extremely​ impressed and offered many compliments. Salt⁢ Lake City Mayor Erin Mendenhall,⁣ who ‌also participated in the virtual presentation, said that their⁤ passion was clearly felt during the 15 minutes​ of questioning by the commission members.

The mayor also emphasized how hosting another Olympics would bring about meaningful change and elevate the community. “It’s ⁣not just about hosting a major event, but also about driving sustainable change,” said Mendenhall.

The presentation was an emotional‌ moment for Fraser Bullock, president and CEO of the Salt Lake​ City-Utah ‍Committee for the Games, and‍ former ⁣chief operating officer of the 2002 Olympics. For him, this⁣ was the culmination of years of ​hard work⁤ and ‌preparation.

“It’s a ‍fantastic day. We have⁢ spent years staying ahead of the process and being incredibly prepared so that the IOC can count on us,” said Bullock, his voice breaking with emotion.

Salt ​Lake City has been bidding to host another Olympics for over a decade, and Bullock is ​confident that they have put their best foot forward⁣ in this bid to represent⁢ the people of Utah.

He also believes‍ that the IOC’s Executive Board, which meets in late November, will be ready to shortlist contenders for⁤ the ⁣2030 and 2034 Winter Games, a “significant step” towards bringing the ⁢Games back to Utah.

Almost a year ago, Utah’s bid ​team made a similar presentation to​ the same commission, expecting a decision between Salt Lake City, Sapporo (Japan), and Vancouver (Canada). However, the IOC Executive Board delayed‍ the decision in December, leading to the launch ⁣of a study on the impact of climate change on future Games.

Now, Sapporo and Vancouver are no longer in the running, and Salt Lake City is the only contender for the 2034 Winter Games. Although the Utah bid team is open to hosting in 2030 if needed, ⁣they would prefer to wait and​ avoid competing for domestic sponsors with the 2028 Summer Games in Los Angeles.

Last month, the IOC decided to simultaneously award the 2030 and ⁤2034 Winter Games, setting the stage for their upcoming Executive Board meeting. Under the ⁣new, less formal selection process, negotiations to host the Olympics take place during a “targeted dialogue.”

While it’s possible that ⁢Salt Lake City could be chosen to host in 2030, it’s more likely that the board will select a European ⁤city for​ that year and reserve 2034 for the ⁢Utah bid.

During Tuesday’s presentation, there were⁢ no discussions about ​Salt Lake City being the only ⁣bid for 2034, but there was hope for more positive news from the ⁢upcoming Executive Board meeting.

Even though moving into targeted dialogue does not guarantee another ‍Olympics for Utah, Mayor Mendenhall believes that it is a significant step towards securing the​ Games. “This is definitely something to celebrate. I believe it’s the next step in our process to guarantee an Olympics,” she said.

Utah’s bid team ​has worked tirelessly to showcase ​the state’s preparedness and passion for hosting another Winter ⁢Games. With the support of Governor Cox, ⁤Mayor Mendenhall, and Bullock, the future bid for the⁤ 2030 or‌ 2034 Olympics looks promising for Salt Lake City.

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  1. I totally agree with Governor Cox’s statement. Salt Lake City’s distinctive landscape and infrastructure make it a truly unique venue for the Olympics.

  2. As someone who’s visited Salt Lake City multiple times, this does not surprise me. The city has an aura of readiness and great energy, completely capable of hosting the Olympic Games. And let’s not forget the amazing landscape, it will definitely add to the uniqueness of the event.


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