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Egyptian President Proposes Disarmed Palestinian State in the Future


In⁢ a joint news conference ‍with Spanish ⁤Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez and Belgian Prime⁢ Minister Alexander De Croo in Cairo on Friday, Egyptian‍ President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi proposed a ⁢possible solution to the ongoing Israeli-Palestinian ⁢conflict.

Sisi suggested that a future‌ Palestinian state could be demilitarized and⁤ have a temporary international security presence ⁣to provide guarantees for‍ both the nascent ‌state and for Israel. He mentioned that these security ‌forces could come from organizations such as NATO, ‍the United Nations, or Arab ⁣and American forces.

This proposal comes as a potential resolution to‍ the ⁢political⁣ disagreement surrounding ‌a Palestinian⁤ state based on‍ the June 4, 1967 borders, with East Jerusalem⁢ as‌ its capital. Despite efforts⁢ in the past, achieving this resolution has remained elusive.

However, one ​suggestion for providing security in the region ⁢through an Arab force⁣ has been met with resistance. Jordanian Foreign ⁢Minister Ayman Safadi dismissed the idea, ​citing concerns of becoming ⁢perceived as an enemy while trying to clean⁤ up the aftermath⁢ of Israel’s military operations in‌ the Gaza Strip, controlled by ⁣Palestinian militant group Hamas ​since⁢ 2007.

President Sisi’s proposal⁤ offers a ⁤new perspective on finding a long-term solution for the ongoing conflict, and could potentially bring new hope ⁤for lasting peace in the region.

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