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Generosity at Rivers Casino: 320 Turkeys Donated to Local Charitable Organizations in Schenectady’s ‘Season of Giving


SCHENECTADY – Sean Wyse and the Rivers ⁣Gives team aim to collaborate with local non-profit organizations, seeking opportunities for ‌Rivers Casino & Resort Schenectady to support them through various channels within the community.
Amid holiday season, Rivers Casino is donating‍ 320 turkeys ⁣to help those in need in⁤ the ⁣community.
The turkeys, provided by⁢ Sysco and sourced through ⁣Rivers⁣ Casino, ⁤will be distributed to various⁣ charitable organizations and community groups including Bethesda ​House, Food Pantries for the Capital District, Interfaith ⁤Partnership for‍ the Homeless, Joseph’s House & Shelter, Safe Inc. ‌of Schenectady,‌ Schenectady ARC, Schenectady Inner ⁤City Ministry (SICM), SUNY Schenectady, Unity House of Troy, and YWCA of Schenectady.

Each organization ​will receive a designated amount of frozen⁢ turkeys, with factors such as​ the⁣ number of people ⁣to be fed and storage capacity being⁤ taken into consideration.

A team of five employees from Rivers Casino will personally deliver the turkeys to organizations in Schenectady, Troy, and Albany. ‍Schenectady ARC will receive ⁣the highest​ donation, with a⁢ total of 75 turkeys,‍ followed by SICM with 50 ⁣turkeys. Other organizations, such as Joseph’s House & Shelter and Unity House Troy, will receive ⁢35 turkeys each, while⁣ the YWCA will receive 30. Some ‌of the other organizations, like Bethesda House and Food⁢ Pantries for the ⁢Capital District,⁢ will receive 25 turkeys each.

At Schenectady’s Bethesda House, the turkeys are used for their ⁤annual holiday meal for the homeless‌ and are also⁣ distributed to ⁢families or individuals ⁤who may be struggling with food insecurity. The organization also works to​ provide healthy ⁤meals to those in need through their food pantries.

According to​ Jamie Swirsky, day program manager at Bethesda House, support from the community is crucial for their operations, ‍especially during the holiday season. She also⁢ emphasized the importance of providing access to fresh and healthy food ⁣in areas like Hamilton ‍Hill, where Bethesda ⁤House‌ is located.

The Rivers Gives team, ‍led by community relations manager Sean Wyse, is committed to giving back ​to the community and supporting​ those in need, particularly during the holiday season. Through initiatives like this turkey donation, Rivers Casino & Resort ‌Schenectady is making‍ a positive‍ impact on ⁣the community and helping to address ‌issues like food insecurity.

Kiara Thomas
Kiara Thomas
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  1. I absolutely agree, such a wonderful act of kindness from Rivers Casino! Charity is indeed the keyword in this season of giving. Their generosity is truly appreciated by these organizations. Hats off to their team.

  2. That’s really inspiring! It’s good seeing corporations stepping up especially in these challenging times. Bravo, Rivers Casino! Truly embodies the spirit of giving. More power to them.

  3. I wholeheartedly concur! This uplifting news from Rivers Casino genuinely brightens my day. Compassion and service to the community always go a long way. Kudos to them for epitomizing the true essence of the holiday spirit!


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