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Honda issues recall for 300K Accords and HR-Vs due to seat belt safety concerns


NEW YORK⁣ — Honda​ is issuing a recall of certain 2023-2024 Accord and⁢ HR-V vehicles ‍due to a missing component in the front seat belt pretensioners. This defect, discovered by ​the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration ‌and reported earlier this week, could potentially cause increased risk of injury in the event of an accident.

The issue, according to ‌Honda and the National Highway Traffic‍ Safety Administration, is a⁢ missing ⁤rivet‌ that secures the quick connector and wire plate in the pretensioners. Without this rivet, the seat belts may not be properly secured and could ‍fail to protect passengers in a crash.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has traced the problem back to an error ⁣made during the assembly process. Over 300,000 Accords and⁣ HR-Vs are potentially affected.

While Honda⁤ has received seven‍ warranty claims related to this issue, there have been​ no reports of injuries or deaths. However, the company is taking swift action to address ‌the‍ problem and ensure the safety of its customers.

If you own an impacted ⁤vehicle, you will soon receive a notification letter via⁣ mail starting on January 8, 2024. You can also visit​ the‍ National Highway​ Traffic Safety Administration website or Honda’s online ⁣recall pages for more information. Dealers will be able to inspect all affected cars and, if necessary,‍ replace the seat belt pretensioner ‌assembly ​at no cost to the owner. If you have already paid for repairs for this issue, you⁣ may also be ⁤eligible for reimbursement.

While only‍ a small ⁣percentage of affected vehicles⁤ will require a replacement, Honda wants to ensure the safety and satisfaction of all its customers. Replacement parts will be available‍ to dealers by the end of the month, but you can also visit an authorized dealer now​ for‌ an inspection.

Don’t take any risks with your safety. Make sure your Honda vehicle is inspected‍ and repaired if necessary.‍ Visit the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration website⁢ or ‌Honda’s online recall pages for ‌more ‍information. ‌

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