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Mohawk Valley Art Shoppe: A Haven for Creatives in Schenectady’s Business Scene


Discover the Beauty of Local⁤ Art at the Mohawk Valley Art Shoppe ​in Schenectady

Have you ever walked into an art gallery and‍ marveled at ⁣the stunning ‍work that ⁢adorned the walls? What if you could take ⁣some of that beauty home with ⁤you ⁢while also supporting ⁢a charity ⁣organization? At the Mohawk Valley Art⁢ Shoppe in ⁤Schenectady, you can do​ just that.

When owner Devery Gara opened her State Street shop in June, she had ⁤a vision‌ in mind. Not only did she want to showcase the talent of local artists, but ‍she‍ also wanted‌ to give back to‍ the community.​ That’s why 30% ⁤of ⁢every purchase goes to ‍charity organization Things Of My Very Own.

Gara’s passion for art dates back to her childhood, inspired by ⁤her father’s fine ⁢attention to detail in his wood-working. She offers a ​variety⁣ of paint options, including her favorite brand Trekell, and​ also hosts classes ⁤at the shop. But ⁣the Mohawk⁤ Valley Art Shoppe is more than just a store⁣ for ​buying art supplies ⁣– it’s​ a welcoming space where artists can come to be⁤ inspired and create.

Nestled​ in the historic Stockade neighborhood, Gara feels fortunate to have found the perfect spot for her shop. Despite some initial road⁣ work and sidewalk disruptions, customers have‌ still managed to find their way in to ⁢admire and purchase⁢ the beautiful artwork on‌ display.

Explore the world of local art at the Mohawk ⁢Valley ⁤Art Shoppe and help support both the artists and ​the community. ⁤Visit them⁣ online at mohawkvalleyart.com for more‍ information.

Kiara Thomas
Kiara Thomas
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