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New Apartments to be Built on Former Gloria’s and Ritz Terrace Location in Schenectady


SCHENECTADY‍ — Vacant land along Van Vranken Avenue that once housed two eateries will soon see new life as a 37-unit⁤ apartment​ complex.

Last week, city planners gave the green light for the Van View Suites, a‍ development ​by Good Clean Living, ⁤LLC, a real estate-development firm that has been revitalizing and leasing properties ‍in the Goose Hill ⁣neighborhood since 2018.

Plans for the new ⁢complex include ‌a three-story building with a rental office ‍and community room on the‌ first floor and a mix of studio and one- and two-bedroom units on the upper ‍floors. A parking⁣ lot and ​appropriate signage will also be​ installed across the street.

The property ⁢was previously home to ‌Ritz Terrace and ⁢Gloria’s Sports ​Bar & ⁤Grill, which were demolished⁤ in January by the Schenectady County Metroplex Development‍ Authority. Good ⁣Clean Living founder Brendan Nally had been interested ⁢in ‍the‌ property since 2017 and finally ​acquired it last fall after years ‌of effort.

Nally shares⁢ that the ‍goal for the property is to not only ⁢add value to the⁢ community but to also address‍ the need for more affordable housing options in‍ the ⁤city. He notes that there is a high demand for studio and one-bedroom apartments, as much‍ of the existing housing is either too expensive or has too many bedrooms ⁣for the average tenant. The fair market ⁤rent for a ‍one-bedroom apartment in Schenectady ​County‌ is currently $1,131, leaving many ⁤struggling to ‌find affordable⁣ housing.

Good Clean Living aims to offer quality​ housing at an affordable price point in ⁤order to‌ benefit both the tenant and ⁢the neighborhood. The company currently owns 25 units throughout Goose⁢ Hill and has plans to continue expanding its presence in ​the area‌ with this new development.

Construction on the ​Van⁤ View Suites ​is expected to begin⁢ early‍ next year and be completed by⁢ the fall. The project adds to ​the growing‍ investment along Van Vranken ⁣Avenue, which includes​ the‍ newly​ opened Stewart’s convenience store and gas‌ station, the ‍recent $88 million redevelopment of Northside‌ Village, ⁣and the completion of the Reserve at ‍Towpath Trail apartment complex.

Don’t miss out on the revitalization of this busy area. ‌Stay ⁢tuned for updates on this exciting ​new project!

Vacant land along Van ⁣Vranken Ave. set ​to be transformed ⁢into a 37-unit apartment complex owned ⁤by Good Clean ‌Living, helping to meet the demand for affordable ⁢housing‍ in Schenectady. ⁤Learn more about this exciting new project on Van Vranken’s ‌bustling north⁢ side.

Rafael Torres
Rafael Torres
Rafael Torres, a native of Schenectady, has returned to his hometown after several years of reporting in the Midwest. A graduate of Missouri School of Journalism, Alex is known for his empathetic approach to local news, covering everything from community events to local governance, always with an aim to bridge diverse perspectives.
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  1. Well ain’t that just a blow, tearing down ol’ Gloria’s and the Ritz Terrace for some fancy new flats. Ain’t no respect these days for history, just the almighty dollar ruling decisions. Pitiful, that’s what this is.

  2. Changes were bound to come, but it’s disheartening to see Gloria’s and Ritz Terrace being reduced to rubble for modern apartments. There’s so much history ingrained in those walls, stories that can never be retold. Seems like progress is forgetting the past and chasing after the latest designs. Shameful!

  3. This is just heartbreaking! Seeing Gloria’s and the Ritz Terrace history taken down to give way to new apartments is like a slap in the face to the past. It’s as if our culture and heritage don’t mean a thing. Are we forgetting our roots? Seems like it! Indeed, progress doesn’t have to mean destroying what defined us once. Society needs to understand the value of preserving what’s old. Is it just me or are we running fast towards a future with no reminders of our past? Truly deplorable.


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