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New York State Honors Jason Arno and Other Fallen Firefighters at Memorial Ceremony


On October 10, 2023, at the Empire State ​Convention Center in Albany, the 26th Annual New York State ⁣Fallen Firefighters Memorial Ceremony​ was held to pay tribute to‍ the brave firefighters who made the ⁢ultimate sacrifice while ​serving their communities.

A total of 29 firefighters were ⁤honored at the ceremony, and their names⁢ will now be⁤ engraved on the Memorial Wall at Empire ‌State Plaza. This ⁢year, one of the names added to the wall was that of Jason Arno, a Buffalo firefighter ⁣who ‍lost his life while fighting a four-alarm fire in March.

  • Jason Arno — Buffalo Fire Department
  • Herbert⁢ Louis⁤ Bishop, Sr. — Arlington ⁢Fire Department
  • Freeman Board — Brockport Fire Department
  • James Brooks ⁣— Whitehall​ Volunteer Fire Company
  • Owen Carlock — Fire Department of New York
  • Joseph ‍Daly — Fire Department⁤ of New York
  • Andrew DiMaggio — New Rochelle Fire Department
  • Dennis Farrell — Fire Department of ⁣New York
  • Daniel Foley — Fire Department of New York
  • Jesse Gerhard —⁣ Fire Department of New York
  • James Hopkins — Brockport Fire Department
  • Ronald Kemly, Sr. — Fire Department of New York
  • Timothy Klein — Fire Department of New York
  • Michael Lyons‌ —‍ Fire Department of ⁤New York
  • Peter McCaffrey — Yonkers Fire⁤ Department
  • James McCauley,‍ Jr. ⁢— Fire Department of New York
  • William Moon, II — Fire Department of New York
  • Philip Morrissey — Cohoes Fire Department
  • Daryl Lynn Pace — Ithaca Fire Department
  • Brian ​Payne — Mamaroneck Fire Department
  • Raymond‍ Phillips, Jr.‌ — Fire Department of New‍ York
  • Judy Spencer — Hartland Volunteer Fire Company
  • William Steinberg — Forestburgh Fire Company
  • Dennis Tortorella — Mamaroneck Fire Department
  • John Vallini​ — Saranac ⁢Lake Volunteer Fire Department
  • Victor Valva — Fire Department of New York
  • Tracy Veno — Olean City Fire Department
  • Patrick Whalen⁤ — Fire Department of ⁣New York
  • Thomas Wutz, Sr. — ⁢State ‌Office ⁤of Fire Prevention ​and ⁢Control

“Today, we ⁤honor and⁢ remember the service⁤ of ‌29 firefighters ‌who made the ultimate sacrifice. I’m proud to honor their memory ⁣and extend my gratitude for ⁣their service⁤ to their families. Please remember these fallen firefighters, ‌and their ⁣families, ⁢in ⁤your thoughts.”

– James Cable, New York State Fire‍ Administrator

In addition ‌to ⁢the memorial ceremony,⁤ Gov. Hochul also ‍issued two proclamations on Tuesday, officially recognizing October 10 as Firefighter ‌Appreciation Day and ⁤the week of October 8-14,⁣ 2023, as Fire Prevention Week. ‍Both proclamations serve as a reminder of the bravery and dedication of​ firefighters, and the ⁢importance of fire prevention in ‍keeping our communities safe.

Alejandro Mendoza
Alejandro Mendoza
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