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Police accuse pair of Schenectady burglaries targeting businesses


SCHENECTADY – Two​ men have ⁣been arrested recently⁢ on accusations of business burglaries ⁤in separate cases, police said. ‍In the first case, Scott ‌A. Vanbergen, 39, of ‍Saratoga County, was ⁣arrested Friday and ‍charged with third-degree attempted robbery,‍ along with other charges, including driving while ability‍ impaired. He⁢ was arrested after​ he ⁤fled‌ a ⁢traffic stop and smashed into a vacant house on ​Summit‍ Avenue, police said. Police initially responded to the ⁢Stewart’s ‍on ‌McClellan Street for a report of⁤ a panic
alarm, police said. Officers then learned a man had attempted to take cash from the register and flee, ‍but was unsuccessful,⁣ police ‌said. Officers then received a vehicle description that matched ‍a vehicle reported connected to multiple ‍other incidents that occurred that morning, police said. With the help of‍ the Capital⁣ Region Crime Analysis Center, police tracked⁢ the vehicle and found it in Schenectady. Officers then attempted⁢ to stop ​it ⁢and‍ the vehicle fled before crashing into the house, police said. Vanbergen​ is a person of interest in several other burglaries and thefts in ⁣the city and in Glenville,‍ Rotterdam and neighboring jurisdictions. Police this week confirmed ⁣the investigation ‍remained ongoing. In the ‌second case, Corey‌ V. Masi,​ 23,⁢ of⁣ Glenville, ⁣was ⁣arrested Saturday and charged ⁢with two counts ⁢of third-degree burglary,⁣ felonie

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  1. Good punctuation and grammar, agree: It’s truly unfortunate to see these burglaries happening. If the police have found enough evidence to blame them, then they must be held accountable for their actions.


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