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Pope Addresses Lung Inflammation Through Spokesperson’s Reading of Statement


Vatican City —​ Pope Francis, feeling ⁤under the weather, had to skip his usual‍ Sunday ⁢morning ​appearance​ at St. Peter’s Square. Instead, he opted ‍for a ‍more intimate setting, seated in the chapel of his residence with a close aide ‌reading his message.

In⁣ his traditional‌ white robes, with a bandage on his hand, the 86-year-old pontiff sat calmly while delivering‌ his message. “Dear⁤ brothers and sisters, Happy ⁣Sunday. Unfortunately, I cannot be with you at the window today as I am dealing with an inflammation in my⁢ lungs,” he explained.

Pope Francis underwent a scan at a‌ Rome‍ hospital the previous day, regarding concerns of possible lung complications. The Vatican ‌confirmed‍ that the results were clear, but‍ did not explain the discrepancy between its statement and the ⁤pope’s current condition.

It is worth noting that the pope​ had a portion of his lung removed when ​he was a young⁤ man in Argentina. However, this ‍has not hindered his dedication and service to the ‍church.

Father Paolo Braida, whom Pope Francis introduced, went on to⁤ read the pope’s message based on the gospel. Throughout the reading, the pope could​ be heard coughing occasionally, ⁣clearly still feeling ill.

Despite ‌his illness,⁢ the pope was‍ able to deliver a blessing​ and express his support ‍for‌ peace in Ukraine, gratitude for ⁢the release of hostages in Gaza, and his upcoming trip to Dubai for the U.N. climate ⁤change‌ conference.

As is customary, Pope Francis ended the event⁤ with his well-wishes for everyone ⁤to have a good Sunday, reminding them to pray for him and enjoy their meals before bidding them farewell.

The chapel was broadcasted on large screens for the⁤ thousands gathered in St. Peter’s Square. ⁣While some felt disappointed by the pope’s absence, they understood and sent their prayers his way.

Staying inside his residence saved Pope Francis from facing freezing temperatures on his ⁤way to ‌the‌ Apostolic Palace. This was much appreciated, especially since he had recently skipped‍ a scheduled meeting with European rabbis due to a cold.

Despite his health issues, the pope continues to show his steadfast commitment⁤ to the ⁣church ‌and its followers. Back in June, ⁤he went through abdominal hernia surgery and made a full recovery.

We can only hope that Pope Francis will soon return to⁣ his usual vigour and be able to address‌ the crowds⁤ in St. ‍Peter’s Square once again. Until then, let us keep him ⁣in our thoughts and ⁢prayers.

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