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Schenectady Veteran and Bowling Ball Pioneer, Age 101, Recognized with Prestigious Senate Award


SCHENECTADY – Meet Joseph Gentiluomo, a proud 101-year-old resident of Schenectady and a World War II ​veteran. This week, Gentiluomo was honored for⁤ his incredible achievements and contributions to society by being inducted⁣ into the​ New York ‌State Senate Veterans Hall of Fame.

State Sen.⁤ Jim Tedisco, R-Saratoga Springs, presented Gentiluomo ‍with the prestigious Liberty Medal,​ the highest honor bestowed‌ by the ​Senate, in recognition of ⁢his remarkable‌ service and accomplishments.

Gentiluomo, who⁤ bravely served in ​Okinawa‍ and Korea with the U.S. Army, has made significant contributions both in the military and through his career as an inventor.

After graduating from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Gentiluomo pursued careers at General Electric and IBM, ‌where⁤ he obtained⁤ an impressive⁣ 28 patents. His inventions ranged from golf balls to ‍a mechanical hand used by NASA.

However, one ⁣of his most⁣ notable patents revolutionized the sport of bowling by centralizing‍ the weight of the ⁢ball,‍ providing bowlers with increased power and precision to knock down pins.

Senator Tedisco praised Gentiluomo, saying, “Joseph ‍Gentiluomo’s⁣ service during ‍World War II and his subsequent contributions as an inventor, notably ​for NASA ‌and his revolutionary bowling ball, are a true testament to his accomplishments. It is a great​ honor to induct him into the⁣ New York State Senate Veterans Hall⁢ of Fame and award him with the Senate’s Liberty Medal.”

During his time in the military, from ​1942 to 1946, Gentiluomo underwent training at the National School‍ of Aeronautics in Kansas City. His expertise in ⁢aircraft maintenance and repair played a vital role ⁢in ‍ensuring safety across various Pacific locations.

After the war, Gentiluomo’s career at GE and ​IBM ⁢continued ‌to ⁢be marked by innovative contributions, including ‍his patent for the modern bowling ball.

In ‍addition to his impressive professional achievements, ‌Gentiluomo shared a ⁢loving marriage ⁤of 67 years⁢ with his late wife, Orega, and has left ⁤a⁣ legacy that will continue through his two ⁢children, three grandchildren, and three great-grandchildren.

Rafael Torres
Rafael Torres
Rafael Torres, a native of Schenectady, has returned to his hometown after several years of reporting in the Midwest. A graduate of Missouri School of Journalism, Alex is known for his empathetic approach to local news, covering everything from community events to local governance, always with an aim to bridge diverse perspectives.
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  1. It’s high time this man was honored! Maintaining such a long and fruitful career in the bowling industry is not a feat easily achieved, especially because it’s often overlooked. This recognition does not only shine light on his remarkable contribution, but also underscores the resilience and creativity of our veterans. Truly a testimony to the adage, age is just a number.


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