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Southern Minnesota residents unite to track wandering moose


MINNEAPOLIS ⁢— ‌A ⁤herd of followers is tracking a⁢ moose​ on the loose in southern Minnesota, hoping ⁣the majestic animal’s journey ends safely after it was spotted Tuesday 140 miles northwest of Minneapolis.

Fans have been tracking⁣ the young male moose for weeks and posting updates on a Facebook page that⁢ as of‍ Tuesday had more than 18,000 followers.

Admirers call the animal⁢ “Bullwinkle” or “Rutt,” the latter in homage to a scatterbrained moose from the movie ⁢”Brother Bear.”

A Minnesota ⁢Department of Natural ‌Resources big game expert told Minnesota’s Star ⁤Tribune that moose typically only roam in northern Minnesota, making the now-famous ⁢moose’s visit⁢ to south ⁣and central Minnesota a rare treat. Todd Froberg, the agency’s big game ​program coordinator, said the young ‍moose⁢ is likely looking⁤ for home territory or other moose and is ​expected to ⁢continue‍ moving north.

“He’s lost, and he’s trying to get home to his family,” said Bernie ⁤Stang,‍ a moose ⁢fan who spotted the​ animal in late October.

Amateur moose-tracker ​Brenda Johnson ⁤said traffic ​on the Facebook page, of which she is the administrator, picked up​ in September when‌ the⁤ moose was spotted in Iowa near⁤ the ⁢border of ⁤Minnesota.

She‍ suspects Rutt‍ traveled from North Dakota through South Dakota and Iowa before coming back to⁤ Minnesota, based ‍on news reports of moose⁣ sightings in South Dakota that ⁢match⁣ his description.

Johnson said she⁤ created the Central MN Moose on the Loose Facebook page in 2018 ⁤to track another moose whose‍ life‍ tragically‌ ended when⁣ it⁤ was fatally struck by a semi while crossing a highway.

Rutt enthusiasts had‌ been monitoring his fan⁢ page for ⁢weeks hoping for​ news that the colossal creature would avoid a similar fate and safely cross⁤ Interstate 94. (He did.)

Danielle Magnuson began searching for the moose ‍last month as a​ distraction from stressors in her life. She spent several days a week ​searching⁢ before she ​finally found him Nov. 13 near Sauk Centre.

“It’s almost like seeing ⁢a​ unicorn,” Magnuson⁣ said. “They’re just really beautiful animals, and we don’t ​get a chance ⁣to see them around‌ our area.”

Stang​ said seeing Rutt was especially touching for​ her⁤ 26-year-old daughter Holly Stang, who had never seen a moose before. She said​ Holly Stang first named the creature Rutt.

“This⁢ moose has brought so ⁣much joy to so many‍ people and so much hope,”‌ Bernie Stang said, “because most ⁤people in their lifetime never get to​ see a moose.”

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  1. Agree. It’s brilliant to see the community coming together for this. Tracking the moose can provide valuable data about its movements and habits. Public participation in wildlife conservation is always a good thing.

  2. It’s truly heartening to see folks uniting for such a cause! Citizen science is a wonderful tool for conservation purposes. Let’s hope the tracking yields insightful data. Totally on board with this.

  3. Absolutely, the unity displayed is inspiring for sure. This collaborative approach not just helps in gathering important data, but also fosters a sense of responsibility towards wildlife conservation. Hoping for some significant findings from this tracking initiative. Totally support this!


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