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State Parks and Campsites Face Potential Surveillance with Proposed NYS Camera Legislation


EAST AURORA, NY – New York State Senator Jim Tedisco of ⁤Clifton Park has ‌proposed new legislation⁤ that will add security cameras to all state ‌parks, campsites, ​and ‍recreation areas. This comes in⁣ response to the recent kidnapping of a⁣ 9-year-old at a state park.

WHNY News⁢ spoke ‍with a local hiker and ​two state senators to gather‌ their opinions on this potential ‍bill. Louis Erickson, an avid hiker, expressed concerns about his safety while​ out on his⁣ walks ‍in Knox Farm State Park.

Louis Erickson, avid hiker

“I ‌have mixed feelings. I ​don’t like being watched​ or stared at, but some of the trails I go‌ on are very secluded. Having security⁣ cameras may discourage ‌people ‌from ‍committing crimes,” Erickson shared.

The inspiration for​ this legislation stems from the kidnapping of 9-year-old Charlotte Sena from Moreau Lake State Park at the end of last month. While a third of​ New York State’s 180 state parks already have ⁣security ⁢cameras at entrances and exits, this ‍bill would require all⁤ parks to have a camera system that could identify the ⁢make, model, and license plate numbers of any vehicle entering or ‍exiting the premises.

WHNY News reached⁤ out to local State Senators Sean Ryan and Patrick Gallivan, who both agreed that added security measures‌ are necessary.

Sean ‌Ryan, New York State Democratic Senator

“Whenever a situation like this ⁢occurs, it is important to review current security measures and see how they ​can be ‌enhanced,” Senator Ryan stated.

Patrick Gallivan, New York State Republican Senator

“Adding‌ cameras at the entrances and exits of⁣ state parks is a minor inconvenience that does not infringe upon anyone’s liberties,” Senator Gallivan explained.

While the legislation has not yet ‍been brought to the floor, both senators believe ⁣it ​could take a few months to be approved. ‌In the meantime, stay tuned to WHNY ‍News for​ updates‌ on‌ this developing story.

Alejandro Mendoza
Alejandro Mendoza
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