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SUNY Schenecady Introduces On-the-Go Education Modules


SCHENECTADY — SUNY Schenectady County Community College has⁢ officially rolled⁣ out a pair of mobile-learning units that will provide those in the advanced​ manufacturing and health care industries an opportunity ⁢to advance their skill set without having to travel to campus.

The college is dedicated towards expanding its reach within the​ community and fostering partnerships with local and regional businesses to develop a strong workforce. These two 44-foot long‍ mobile ⁤training labs are the latest step in achieving⁢ this goal.

The units, consisting of an ⁢advanced manufacturing lab and health care lab, were introduced at a ceremonial ribbon‍ cutting on Monday. This launch follows over a year⁤ of dedicated effort after receiving a $1 ⁤million SUNY workforce development grant.⁢ Thanks to contributions from National Grid, the‌ advanced manufacturing unit was constructed with a $25,000 investment. This marks the first partnership between the⁣ college and a local industry.

“Our Mobile Training Labs are breaking new ground in the way we work with the business and industry sector.⁢ By bringing our expert instructors and advanced equipment on-site, ‍we are removing any obstacles that may​ have prevented employees​ from attending off-site training programs,” said Steady Moono,⁢ the college’s president.

These mobile labs‍ are 8 1/2 feet wide, 13 feet tall and have 6-foot slides. They are equipped ⁤to hold 13 individuals, including 12 students and ⁣one instructor. The health​ care lab features specialized equipment and training modules ⁢for phlebotomy, EKG, safety and⁣ ergonomics, anatomy and physiology, and medical coding⁤ and billing. The advanced manufacturing lab is fitted with custom tools and equipment such as a motion​ AI ‍collaborative robot, a 3D printer, SolidWorks programming​ and interactive learning panels for electrical wiring. It can also provide workshops on ‌customer service, supply chain and logistics, cyber security awareness and leadership ⁢training.

U.S. Rep. Paul Tonko, D-Amsterdam, made an appearance at ⁤the ceremony and announced that the college is receiving a $500,000 grant to build a 6,000-square-foot​ depot to ⁢house the mobile ⁣units on campus. He ⁤commended the college for its initiative in creating these mobile labs.

“I applaud ⁣the college for ‍its vision and execution in ​becoming⁣ even more responsive to the ‌needs of the community‍ and the greater Capital Region. These Workforce Development Mobile Training Labs will provide individuals with cutting-edge training opportunities and help retrain employees in ⁢the manufacturing and healthcare fields,” said Tonko.

The college has taken various ⁣initiatives in ⁣recent years to boost its presence and appeal. These include partnerships with local school districts and expansion of college in the high ⁤school programs, which enables students to work ‌towards an⁣ associate degree while ‌still in high school. These ⁢efforts have resulted in a 6% increase in enrollment this fall semester, with a ⁢15% rise in first-time student registrations.

Employers and educators who are interested in learning more about the mobile learning units can‍ reach out to Sarah ‌Wilson-Sparrow, the college’s vice president of workforce development and community education, at wilsons@sunysccc.edu.

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Kiara Thomas
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