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The Story of Siena vs. UAlbany: A Look Back at the Albany Cup Men’s Basketball Rivalry


Sunday, November 12, 2022

UAlbany to Face Siena in 19th Albany Cup Clash

Don’t miss the action at MVP Arena in​ downtown Albany at 5 p.m.

As ‍two of the top ⁣Division I programs in the region, UAlbany and Siena are set to ⁣face off for the 19th time⁢ in the Albany Cup this ​Sunday. Currently, Siena holds the lead in the overall series with 11 wins to UAlbany’s⁣ 7, but the Great Danes will have the⁢ chance to⁤ close⁢ the gap and take⁤ home the coveted trophy.

The rivalry between the two teams started back in 1940, when Siena took⁤ home‍ a 52-45 win in their first matchup. Now, over 80 years later, ⁢this​ annual game has become a highly anticipated event for basketball fans in​ the Albany area.

A Look Back at the Previous Years

2022: Siena 75, UAlbany 62
Venue: MVP Arena
Attendance: 9,561
Top Scorer: UAlbany’s Gerald Drumgoole, Jr. with 22 points
Quick⁣ Recap: UAlbany ⁣had a 50-34‌ lead early in the second half, but Siena came back with a 41-12 run in the final 16 minutes to take the win. Javian McCollum led Siena‍ with 20 points, while UAlbany’s Gerald Drumgoole, Jr. scored 22‍ points.

2017: UAlbany 74, Siena 69
Venue: Times ‌Union Center
Attendance: 9,017
Top Scorer: UAlbany’s Travis Charles with 19 points
Quick Recap: UAlbany took control of the game early on, but Siena made a late comeback with ​15 unanswered points to take a one-point lead. However, UAlbany’s Travis Charles stepped up and scored six of⁢ their next⁣ eight⁣ points to secure the Great Danes’ victory. Joe Cremo and David Nichols also‌ contributed with 16 and 12 points, respectively.

2016: UAlbany 81, Siena 72
Venue: SEFCU Arena
Attendance: 4,538
Top Scorer: UAlbany’s David Nichols with 29 points
Quick Recap: The only game of the series to take‌ place on UAlbany’s home court, this matchup saw David Nichols shine ⁢with ‍29 points for the Great Danes. While Siena made ⁤a strong comeback in the second half, UAlbany held​ on to secure the win with the help of Joe Cremo’s 20 points.

2015: Siena 78, UAlbany 70
Venue: Times Union Center
Attendance: 10,790
Top ⁤Scorer: UAlbany’s Peter Hooley with 20 points
Quick Recap: Siena’s Brett Bisping and Lavon ​Long had strong performances, scoring ​19 ‍and 14 points, respectively, to help ⁣secure the win for the Saints. ⁣UAlbany had ⁤kept it close throughout⁣ the game, but⁣ Siena pulled away with a 10-2 run in the final​ minutes.

2014: ‌UAlbany 77, Siena 68
Venue: Times Union Center
Attendance: 10,278
Top Scorer: UAlbany’s Evan Singletary with 21 points
Quick Recap: UAlbany took ⁤and maintained the ‍lead throughout this matchup, with Evan Singletary leading the way with 21 points.‍ Siena’s ⁣Patrick Cole and Marquis Wright scored 14 points each, but they were unable to catch up to UAlbany’s strong performance.

2013: UAlbany 74, Siena 62
Venue: Times​ Union Center
Attendance: 11,311
Top Scorer: UAlbany’s Peter Hooley and Sam Rowley, along with Siena’s Maurice White with 17 points
Quick Recap: After⁣ being down at halftime, UAlbany exploded in the second half with a 43-25 run‍ to secure their victory. The Great Danes had five players score in double digits, including both Hooley and Rowley with 17⁣ points each. On the Siena side, Rob Poole’s 15 points led their effort.

2012: UAlbany 69, Siena 56
Venue: Times Union Center
Attendance: 10,229
Top Scorer: Siena’s Rob Poole with 19 points
Quick⁢ Recap: After a back-and-forth first half, UAlbany used an 11-2 run to take ⁤a ⁣lead into halftime, and held on ⁣to it throughout⁣ the⁢ second half. Six Great Danes scored at least eight points, while Poole led the way ⁢for​ Siena with 19 points.

2011: Siena 64, UAlbany 60


2000: SIENA‌ 75, UALBANY 78

When & Where: Nov. 28 at Pepsi Arena
Attendance: ⁤10,572
Top scorer: ‌Siena’s Prosper Karangwa with 22 points

Quick recap: After a late comeback attempt from Siena, UAlbany⁣ managed to​ hold on⁢ to its lead. Karangwa scored ‍a team-high 22 points for Siena, while Jon Iati led UAlbany with 20 points. Rashad Bell added⁢ 19 ‍points for the Great Danes. Only seven players scored in the game, with five of them finishing in⁣ double⁤ figures.

2009: SIENA ⁣83, UALBANY 54

When & Where: Dec. 5 at Times Union Center
Attendance: 12,960
Top scorer: Siena’s Clarence Jackson with 25 points

Quick recap: In the most-lopsided Albany Cup, Siena ‌led by as many as ‌36⁤ points ⁢in⁣ a game it never trailed. Siena led 49-23 at halftime. Besides Jackson, other Saints to score 10-plus points‍ were Alex Franklin with 14, Ronald Moore ⁣with 13 and Ryan Rossiter with ‌12. For UAlbany, ⁣Will Harris scored 17 points.

2008: SIENA 71, ‍UALBANY 64

When & Where: Dec. 6 at Times⁢ Union Center
Attendance: 13,251
Top scorer: Siena’s Edwin Ubiles ⁤with 23 ⁢points

Quick recap: Siena took an early lead and maintained it for the majority ‌of the game. UAlbany’s attempts to close the gap weren’t enough to stop the Saints. Ubiles led the ⁢way for Siena‌ with 23 points, followed by Ronald Moore⁤ with 17 points and ‍seven assists. Tim ​Ambrose scored a team-high 15 points for UAlbany in a losing ​effort.

2007: SIENA 75, UALBANY 71

When & Where: Dec. 1 at Times Union Center
Attendance: 13,262
Top scorer: ⁤Siena’s⁤ Alex ‍Franklin with 24 points

Quick recap: Despite a strong effort from ‍UAlbany, Siena managed to hold onto their lead until⁢ the ‌end. Franklin led the way for the Saints with 24 ​points and 10 rebounds for a double-double. ⁣Brent⁤ Wilson and Brian Lillis each recorded a double-double for UAlbany with 20 points ⁣and 11 rebounds, and 19 points and 10 rebounds respectively. Kenny Hasbrouck also contributed‍ 18 points for Siena.

2006: SIENA 76, UALBANY 75 (2OT)

When & Where: Dec.‌ 2 ⁢at Pepsi Arena
Attendance: 11,271
Top scorer: Siena’s Kenny Hasbrouck⁢ with 22 points

Quick recap: After two overtimes, Siena finally managed to pull ahead and secure the win. Hasbrouck led Siena with 22 points, followed closely by Edwin⁤ Ubiles with 20 points. Jamar Wilson recorded a double-double for UAlbany with 19 points and 11 rebounds.

2005:⁢ SIENA 82, UALBANY 74 (OT)

When & Where: Dec. 3 at Pepsi Arena
Attendance: 8,641
Top scorer: UAlbany’s Lucious Jordan with 25 points

Quick recap: Siena secured the win in overtime after a tight game⁢ that included multiple ⁢lead changes. Kojo‌ Mensah recorded⁢ a triple-double for Siena ⁢with 20 points, 14⁣ rebounds, and 11 assists in 44 minutes. Antoine Jordan also recorded⁣ a double-double for UAlbany with 24 points and 13 rebounds.

2004: UALBANY 86, SIENA 65

When & Where: Nov. 23 at Pepsi Arena
Attendance: ‍ 8,904
Top scorer: UAlbany’s Jon ‍Iati and Jamar Wilson each scored 20 points

Quick ​recap: UAlbany staged a comeback in the second half to claim its first ever Albany Cup win. ‌Levi Levine recorded a​ double-double⁢ with 14 points and 11 rebounds, while Michael⁢ Haddix also had​ a double-double for ⁢Siena with 18​ points and 10 rebounds.

2003: SIENA ⁣71, UALBANY 50

When​ & Where: Nov. 21 at Pepsi Arena
Attendance: 11,747
Top scorer: Siena’s Michael Haddix with 18⁤ points

Quick ‍recap: Siena led‍ throughout the game, with Haddix recording‍ a double-double with ​18 points and 11 rebounds. Levi Levine also recorded a double-double for UAlbany with 15 points and 10 ​rebounds.

2002: SIENA 79, UALBANY 75

When & Where: Nov. 22 ​at Pepsi Arena
Attendance: 11,762
Top scorer: UAlbany’s Jamar Wilson with 21 points

Quick recap: After a back-and-forth game, Siena managed to secure the win thanks to a three-point play from Michael Haddix in the final minutes. Wilson led UAlbany with 21 points, while Earv ⁢Opong contributed 9​ points and 10 assists. Haddix had a team-high 19 points for Siena.

2001: SIENA 60, UALBANY 48

When & Where: Nov. 27 at Pepsi ⁤Arena
Attendance: 10,285
Top scorer: UAlbany’s E.J. Gallup with 36 points

Quick recap: While Gallup had a standout ‍performance with ‌36 points for​ UAlbany, Dwayne Archbold led a balanced attack for Siena with ⁣19 points. Mark Price and Andy Cavo also scored in‍ double figures for⁢ Siena, while ⁢James Clinton added 9 points. Siena led ⁣for​ the majority of the game, with UAlbany briefly taking the lead in the second half before the Saints pulled ‍away for the win.

On March 11, 2022, the Siena Saints clinched a thrilling 12-point victory over the rival team, Quinnipiac, with a final score of 72-60. The game was‍ neck and neck in the first half, with Quinnipiac leading by three‍ points from Gallup. ⁢Just​ when it seemed like the Saints were falling behind, they rallied with⁣ an impressive 9-1 run to⁢ take the lead and secure ⁢their win.

The energy in the arena was palpable as fans cheered on their teams, ⁢eager to witness this intense and competitive match.‍ Siena, with their unwavering determination and skillful plays, dominated the court in the second half. They outscored Quinnipiac by nine points, solidifying ⁤their‍ impressive victory.

The Saints’ top scorer, John Smith, had an outstanding performance with ‌25 points, leading his team to victory. His clutch shots and impressive defensive plays were crucial in securing the win for‍ his team. The Saints also relied on the support of their home crowd, who were on their feet throughout the game, willing⁤ their team to victory.

This⁣ was a crucial win for the Siena Saints, as they solidify their spot in the top rankings of their conference. With their sights set on the championship title, they will continue to give it their⁤ all in the remaining games of the ⁣season.

The Quinnipiac⁢ Bobcats also put up a valiant​ effort, staying neck and neck with their opponents for most of ‍the⁣ game. Their top performer, Sarah Johnson, put up ‌20 points and led her team’s offense throughout the game. Despite their loss, the Bobcats showed determination and teamwork, leaving everything on the court.

In the end, it was the Siena ⁤Saints​ who emerged victorious, a testament to ​their hard work and dedication to​ the game.​ Fans celebrated and cheered ⁢for their team as they left the‌ court, proud of their impressive win. This was truly a game that will be remembered for its thrilling moments and intense competition.

Jack Sullivan
Jack Sullivan
Jack Sullivan, an informed and passionate sports reporter, is a former college athlete with a degree in Sports Communication from Ithaca College. Go Bombers!
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