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Ukrainian Officials: Russia Conducts Massive Drone Assault Amid Invasion


KYIV, Ukraine — On⁢ Saturday, Russia unleashed its most intense drone attack ​on ​Ukraine since its full-scale invasion of the country in 2022. Military officials reported that the capital city‌ was the main target and‍ the attack lasted for‌ over⁢ six hours.

“Kyiv ‌bore the ⁢brunt ⁢of the assault,” shared Ukrainian Air⁣ Force Commander Mykola⁤ Oleshchuk on his ‍Telegram channel.

A total ‌of 75 Iranian-made Shahed drones were launched by Russia against Ukraine,⁢ out of which ‌74⁣ were successfully destroyed by air defenses,​ according ⁤to the Ukrainian‍ air ​force.

This was the most massive air attack by drones‌ on Kyiv,” said Serhii Popko, the head ⁤of the ​Kyiv city administration. Later, Ukrainian⁤ air force⁤ spokesperson Yurii Ihnat⁢ confirmed that 66 air targets over the capital and ⁣the surrounding region were shot down during the morning.

The relentless assault resulted in​ the injury of‍ at least five civilians,​ including an 11-year-old child, and caused damage to several buildings due to debris from the downed drones. One‍ of the buildings that suffered damage was a kindergarten. “The wounded ​are receiving medical treatment, and fortunately, ‍their injuries are not life-threatening,” said Kyiv mayor Vitali Klitschko.

In the‌ Solomiansky ‍district of the ‍city, the debris had⁣ created a large crater in ⁤a residential area, and the ⁢windows ​of⁣ a nearby building​ were blown⁢ out. Elderly residents received immediate medical⁤ assistance while ​others took⁢ shelter⁢ in a nearby subway station. The sound of more⁤ drones could be​ heard nearby as people in the neighborhood started cleaning up the debris and broken glass. Some residents hastily sealed their broken‌ windows ​with⁣ tape and paper to keep out the cold November winds.

The assault on Kyiv began at ‌4 a.m. and continued in waves, causing power⁢ outages in​ 77 ⁢residential buildings ​and⁢ 120 institutions, according to Popko. The‍ Ukrainian Energy Ministry also reported that around ‍17,000 people were ⁤left without power in the Kyiv region, and four power‍ lines⁢ were damaged. However, power was‍ restored by early afternoon.

“Our​ soldiers managed to shoot down most of the drones, but unfortunately, not all of ‌them,” wrote Ukrainian President Volodymyr ‍Zelenskyy on Telegram. “We are continuing to strengthen our air⁣ defense and‌ shoot down‌ more drones,” he added.

Notably, the attack took place on the day of Holodomor Memorial Day,⁣ which commemorates the⁤ man-made​ famine that ⁣killed⁣ millions of⁢ Ukrainians between 1932 and 1933 ‍under⁤ Soviet rule. The day is observed‌ on ⁣the fourth Saturday in November every year.

In addition to Kyiv, the ​Sumy,⁣ Dnipropetrovsk, Zaporizhzhia,‍ Mykolaiv, and Kirovohrad regions were also targeted in the drone attack.

Meanwhile, in the southern Kherson region, one ⁢person was⁣ killed ​and three others were⁢ wounded as a result of shelling, shared regional governor Oleksandr Prokudin on Saturday. According to Prokudin, the‌ region had been shelled 100 times‌ in ⁢the past 24 hours.

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