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Utah’s Aero Dynamic Jets Brave Treacherous Helicopter Missions at Skinwalker Ranch


BALLARD, Uintah County — As ​you tune in to the recent episodes of the History Channel’s⁤ “The Secret⁣ of Skinwalker Ranch,” you’ll find⁢ yourself transfixed by Cameron Fugal.⁤ He’s‍ flying a ⁣helicopter while conducting ‍experiments over the eastern Utah paranormal hotspot. But things aren’t as they seem. His flight instruments are behaving erratically, and the winds are buffeting his craft ​in ways that don’t make sense. Welcome to ​the world of the Skinwalker Ranch where strange occurrences are the norm.

Fugal, the ⁤CEO of Provo-based ⁤Aero ‍Dynamic Jets, has been drawn‍ to flying since he was a​ child. ⁤He would look up ⁤at the​ planes​ in the ‍sky and‍ dream of flying⁣ one⁣ day. This fascination would eventually shape his entire career. Looking back, Fugal credits his ⁣parents and grandparents for ⁣instilling in him a strong work ethic and entrepreneurial spirit.

Their encouragement would‍ help him fulfill his childhood dreams and become​ a pilot ‍at an ‌early age. By the time he‌ was 15,⁤ he was already working towards his pilot’s license and ⁤went on to achieve his first solo flight before even getting ‌his driver’s license. From there, his ambitions grew to include joining the U.S. ⁢Air Force or Navy like his grandfather, or becoming ‌a commercial airline pilot.

The Sky’s the Limit

Throughout high school, Fugal worked tirelessly to ​earn money that was then used to gain more flight ​hours. After serving a mission for The Church of ‍Jesus⁢ Christ of Latter-day Saints and getting married, Fugal⁤ and his⁢ wife made sacrifices⁤ to ‍help him obtain the qualifications​ he ‍needed to become a⁤ commercial⁢ pilot. Eventually,⁣ he even ⁣became⁣ the youngest and least experienced person to receive a single pilot jet rating ⁢from a flight school ‍in Kansas.

Matt Fugal, Cameron Fugal and⁢ chief pilot⁤ at Aero Dynamics⁣ Brandon Winters.
Matt Fugal, ‌Cameron Fugal and chief pilot at Aero Dynamics Brandon Winters. (Photo: Mike Stapley)

In ⁤the meantime, ⁣Fugal’s father’s construction company was growing and⁣ needed a company plane to make travel easier⁤ for ​its employees. Fugal went from running a ⁢construction⁣ crew to piloting the company ⁢plane and eventually, a company jet. His younger brother, Matt Fugal, also joined the family business, but he was ⁤more interested in the‍ finance⁢ side⁢ of things ⁤and never shared his brother’s love for flying.

Aero ‍Dynamic Jet's⁢ hangar at Provo Airport, in Provo.
Aero Dynamic​ Jet’s⁤ hangar at Provo Airport, in Provo. ​(Photo:‌ Mike Stapley)

But in 2005, the construction business merged with a public ⁤company that⁢ didn’t see the value in maintaining ⁤a plane. That’s how Aero Dynamic Jets came to be. Fugal’s younger brother left his career in commercial real estate ⁢lending in 2011 to ⁤join the family business as the COO and partner of Aero Dynamic Jets.

Today, the company operates a Cessna Citation CJ3 jet and an Airbus H130 helicopter ‌out⁤ of their hangar at Provo Municipal ⁤Airport. The jet is ⁢used for chartered passenger flights, business and personal flights, and the helicopter is used for short-range cargo‍ and photography missions. Even⁤ Cameron and‍ Matt’s brother, Brandon Fugal, a prominent Utah commercial real estate developer, uses the helicopter to provide ​potential real estate clients⁣ with aerial views of a property.

Unexplained Phenomena

It’s ⁢no wonder that the team at Skinwalker Ranch, led ⁣by ‍Brandon Fugal, has enlisted the help of Aero ‌Dynamic Jets and its state-of-the-art⁢ helicopter to conduct ‍experiments at the paranormal hotspot in​ eastern⁢ Utah. But as ⁣Cameron Fugal and his team fly over the‍ ranch, they experience technical glitches and ⁢device failures⁢ that don’t occur anywhere else. It’s almost as if the ranch itself doesn’t want to be discovered.

In an⁤ interview with ⁣KSL, Fugal reveals that the helicopter’s instrumentation‍ often behaves​ erratically above the ranch, and ⁢the experience can be ‌quite frightening. While flying a helicopter⁣ requires the constant input of the pilot, unlike⁢ an airplane that can fly on autopilot,‍ Fugal still relies on his instruments ​for ⁤safety measures. But ‍over the ‍Skinwalker Ranch, he says his⁢ peripheral vision plays a crucial role.⁣ And even then, he wouldn’t fly over the ranch with only instruments‍ to ⁣rely on.

If I had to fly over the ranch with only instruments to rely on to⁢ fly safely,⁢ well, I‍ wouldn’t do ⁤it.

– ​Cameron Fugal, pilot

As experiments ‍at the ranch end, the helicopter’s anomalies also seem to⁢ resolve themselves, indicating ⁢that something⁤ strange ​is at play ⁢on the ranch. Even Brandon Fugal​ himself ‍is a client and ‌partner in the helicopter, using it for various business purposes. But when‌ it comes to Skinwalker Ranch,⁤ he’s a firm⁤ believer and has seen enough to ⁤convince even the ​most skeptical of individuals.

So the next time you tune in to watch “The Secret of Skinwalker Ranch,” keep ⁤in mind that some​ of the⁤ most daring ⁤and unsettling​ experiments are⁢ being conducted​ by Cameron​ Fugal and the team ‌at Aero Dynamic Jets. And⁣ as they continue to push the boundaries of science ⁢and⁣ exploration,‍ one thing remains certain ⁣–‌ the mysteries of⁢ Skinwalker Ranch are far from being solved.

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  1. Well ain’t that something, these Utah jet folk ain’t scared of no choppers or some mystical ranch, they just soar bravely! Sure gotta respect that ya know, it’s not everyday courage like this comes around. I say all power to em, make those skies yours!

  2. Courage? Call it foolhardy if ya ask me. Them jets ain’t no birds, they ain’t meant for dodging, weaving, swooping! This here ain’t about bravery, it’s the blind leading the blind! Flying machines playing with fire, attitudes need adjusting! Mark my words, it ain’t gonna end well.

  3. Well, dang, those Utah jet folk sure are something else, ain’t they? Not giving a hoot ’bout those whirly birds or that eerie ol’ ranch, just cleaving through the sky like it’s another day at the office. That’s spirit for ya, hard to find, hard to keep. More power to ’em, I reckon, owning the sky ain’t a small feat, it’s flippin’ gigantic. But temper that courage with a bit of cautious would ya, we don’t want no grand fireworks show, stay safe, jet jockeys!


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