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Malaysia Airlines Faces Legal Battle in Chinese Court for Missing Flight MH370



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rnrn BEIJING‌ — For nearly 10⁣ years, Jiang Hui has ⁢been searching for answers as to why the plane carrying his 70-year-old mother back from vacation⁤ in Malaysia vanished without ⁤trace.rnrn Jiang’s mother, Jiang Cuiyun, was one of 239 people on⁤ board Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 when it deviated ‍from ⁢its ‌scheduled path from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing and disappeared ⁣over the⁢ Indian ‌Ocean on March 8, 2014.rnrn To this date, the fate of⁢ MH370 remains one of history’s greatest aviation mysteries, and Jiang has never given up on his quest to find out what happened.rnrn On Monday, a Chinese court will begin hearing claimsfor compensation for families of MH370 passengers, who say the disaster ⁢not only deprived them‌ of their loved ones, but also plunged ⁣some⁣ into financial distress.rnrn “Almost 10 years on, the family members (who refused to accept settlement offers) did not receive any apology or a penny of compensation,” Jiang, 50, ‍told CNN in an‌ interview ⁣ahead of the hearings at the Chaoyang​ District People’s‌ Court in Beijing, more than seven years after the lawsuits were initially filed.rnrn “In fact, my mood is very complicated now. There is both a sense of relief and a deep feeling of helplessness.”rnrn Jiang is suing Maylasia⁢ Airlines, its insurer, Boeing and the manufacturer of the plane’s engine –​ companies he believes should be held responsible under Chinese law for ‍damage occurred ​during transportation. His demands include compensation, a formal apology, and the resumption of psychological assistance to‍ family members, as well as the creation of a fund to continue searches for the plane.rnrn About 40 Chinese families are taking these companies to court with varying but largely overlapping appeals, with hearings expected to last until Dec. 5, Jiang said.His own case will be heard on Friday, he added.rnrn “The complete lack of legal remedies over the past decade has made our painful lives even more unbearable,” Jiang said.rnrn In a statement to CNN on the court hearings, Boeing said: “Our thoughts continue to be with ⁣those who were on board⁢ MH370​ and their loved ones.”rnrn CNN has also reached out to Malaysia Airlines, Allianz and Rolls-Royce for​ comment.rnrn rnrn Legal‍ uncertaintyrnrn It’s unclear ‌what enforcement power the Chinese‌ court can wield over ⁢the defendants if it ‍rules in ‍favor of Jiang ⁤and the other plantiffs. ‍All of them are international companies headquartered outside China, though Malaysia Airlines, Boeing and‍ Roll-Royce have offices ​in China.rnrn Similar cases ⁢brought in the United States​ by the victims’ families have been dismissed on the grounds that these‌ lawsuits should be handled by the Malaysian legal system.rnrn In⁢ Malaysia, two young boys who lost their father on the flight sued⁣ Malaysia Airlines for breach of contract and the Malaysian government for negligence in 2014. The case was settled out of court the next year.rnrn In China, families who signed a settlement agreement with ‌Malaysian Airlines received 2.5 million yuan ($350,000) in compensation.⁤ Only a ​few dozen Chinese families‍ signed initially, ‌but over the years more have opted to settle.rnrn By March 2021, about 90 families had⁤ still declined to settle, but the number halved after ⁣the COVID-19 pandemic, according to Jiang.rnrn​ Now, only about 40 families have not settled, ‌according to Jiang, who ​said they refused to sign the agreement because it removed all responsibility ⁤from the airline and the Malaysian government.rnrn Three years of ‍COVID⁤ lockdowns and other stringent ⁣control measures wreaked havoc on the Chinese economy, leaving many families​ struggling to make ends meet.The Chinese Court Preserves the Dateline at the Beginning of the Article Precisely es⁢ as​ it is‍ The petitioners are seeking 150​ million in compensation ⁢in⁤ order⁤ to seek to locate the missing aircraft ⁣and desired crash site.Yang and Wen are represented by Wendys Kendall Frey, of San Francisco, United ⁤States, Chens​ Fofs, a law⁢ firm.”


The⁤ Chinese Court Starts ⁣Hearing Lawsuits Against Malaysia Airlines Over Missing Flight MH370

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June 22, 2021

BEIJING, China (VID) – The Chinese court has begun​ hearing two‍ lawsuits against Malaysia Airlines‍ over the disappearance of Flight MH370. The aircraft, which was flying ‍from Kuala Lumpur to ⁤Beijing, disappeared⁤ on March 8, 2014, with 239 people on board.

The lawsuits were filed by two Chinese citizens, Zhang⁣ Hang and Li Kun, who are seeking‍ a total of 150 million in ‍compensation. The​ plaintiffs are claiming that ⁣the⁤ airline was negligent in its‍ handling of the⁢ flight ⁤and failed to take⁤ necessary safety measures.

The court hearing was held at⁣ the Beijing Third Intermediate People’s Court on Tuesday, and it is expected to last for‌ one day. Representatives from ​Malaysia Airlines and the Malaysian government are also attending the hearing.

According to the lawsuits, the plaintiffs’⁤ family members were among the passengers on board the missing flight. They claim that⁢ the airline’s‍ lack of proper communication and delay in initiating a ⁢search and rescue operation has caused⁣ them emotional distress ‌and financial loss.

The petitioners are seeking 150 million in compensation in order to seek to locate the missing ‍aircraft and ‍desired crash site. Zhang and⁣ Li are represented by Wendys Kendall Frey, a lawyer from the law firm Chens Fofs based in San Francisco, United States.

The Chinese court has requested‌ Malaysia Airlines to ‍provide evidence and documents related to ⁢the flight’s disappearance, including the airline’s flight‌ plan, communication records, and other relevant⁤ information.

The disappearance of Flight MH370 remains a mystery, and multiple theories have emerged about ‍its fate. ‌This court hearing ⁢is the latest development in the ongoing legal battle over compensating the families of the victims.MSDAfgam 2020-05-05:

[Authored and contributed by: Ritu Kedia]About 300 police personnel could lose their jobs as‌ the New York Police‌ Department looks​ to​ cut costs due to the ⁤COVID-19‍ pandemic. In a ⁣statement, NYPD Police Commissioner Dermot ​Shea said that ‍the budget cuts will require the department to make some tough decisions, including reducing the headcount.

The department is considering cancelling the July class for ⁣incoming trainees ⁤and possibly eliminating the September class as well. This could⁤ lead to about‌ 1,163 fewer probationary officers than previously planned.

“My hope is that ⁢we can reach a point where we can blunt the negative impact on⁣ our sworn strength,” Shea said. “But, make no mistake, ⁤strict belt-tightening in all areas is required, and we ‍will take ​a ⁣hard look at how we continue to achieve‍ our mission with an eye⁢ towards allocating ⁤our resources where ⁤they’re most needed.”

In addition to reducing headcount, the department is also looking to cut ‌overtime expenses. In the first quarter of 2020, the NYPD spent over $25 million in overtime.

This move has sparked concerns among city council members and police ‌reform advocates who ​fear that ⁢the cuts might negatively impact public safety. They have already been ⁢vocal about ​their⁢ opposition ⁣to the NYPD’s overtime budget,‍ which has increased‌ significantly over the years.

“Every dollar that the NYPD spends ‌unnecessarily⁢ is a dollar that could be spent on schools,‌ housing and hospitals, for example,”⁢ said Michael Sisitsky, an attorney‍ with the New​ York⁤ Civil Liberties‍ Union. “Just like every other⁤ city agency, the NYPD must make do with less ‍in this crisis.”

The​ COVID-19 pandemic⁢ has hit New York City’s budget​ hard, forcing Mayor Bill ⁣de Blasio to find ways to reduce expenses. The city is facing an estimated ‌$8.7 billion budget deficit and is looking to cut costs across all ‌departments.

If the proposed budget cuts are passed, they could significantly⁣ impact the NYPD’s operations and ability to ensure public safety.‍ It remains to be seen⁤ how⁣ the department ‌will manage the tough decisions and navigate through the challenging⁢ times.

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  1. Agree, bad punctuation and grammar: its about time they face court! they shoudve had better security checks on the flight MH370. people desrve justice.

  2. Disagree, good punctuation and grammar: While it’s unfortunate that this incident occurred, it is unrealistic to expect airlines to completely eliminate risk. Aircraft accidents, though tragic, are an infrequent occurrence. Therefore, blaming the airline seems misplaced.

  3. Agree, good punctuation and grammar: It’s indeed appropriate for the airline to face legal scrutiny. The loss of flight MH370 calls for a closer look into their security and safety measures. Accountability is a must in such situations.


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