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Director of Miss Nicaragua Pageant Accused of Orchestrating ‘Beauty Queen Coup’ Arrested by Police


MEXICO CITY — Nicaraguan police have made shocking allegations against the⁣ director of the Miss Nicaragua pageant, Karen​ Celebertti. They claim that ‌she ⁢rigged the contests to ensure that anti-government beauty queens would win, as part of a plot to overthrow the government.

The controversy began when Miss Nicaragua,⁢ Sheynnis Palacios, won the⁤ Miss Universe competition. At first, the government celebrated her win as a moment of “legitimate joy⁢ and ⁤pride.” However, things ‌took a turn when it was revealed⁣ that Palacios had participated in the⁣ mass anti-government protests in 2018.

The protests ⁣were met with violent‍ repression, resulting in the deaths of 355 people. The government accused the protesters of attempting a‍ coup, while ‍their opponents argued​ that ⁤they were simply protesting against⁢ the ​repressive rule of President Daniel Ortega.

The National Police have accused Celebertti of actively participating in the protests and have even gone‍ as​ far ⁢as to charge her, ‍her husband, and son with “treason to the motherland.” ‌They claim ‍that⁢ she used the ⁣beauty pageants as a platform to ‍promote political⁢ agendas financed by foreign ‍agents.

The Miss Universe win was seen ⁣as a rare opportunity for Nicaraguans to‌ celebrate, but it also angered ‌the ⁣government as many used the‌ national flag, which is⁢ forbidden in​ protests. The government has since cracked down ​on opposition social media sites and closed down universities that⁤ were ‌hubs for the 2018 protests.

Despite the controversy, Palacios, the first Nicaraguan to win Miss Universe, has​ not commented on ​the ⁣situation. During the contest, she ⁣expressed her desire to work on promoting mental health and closing the gender salary gap.

It’s a shocking​ turn of events for ⁢the Miss Nicaragua pageant,⁤ and the allegations have sparked widespread debate and outrage in the country.

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  1. The director’s arrest is long overdue. The exploitation of women in beauty pageants must be addressed. #AccountabilityNeeded


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