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Divers discover wreckage and 5 bodies from Osprey aircraft crash near Japan


TOKYO — U.S. and Japanese⁤ divers have made ​a‍ significant discovery in the wreckage⁤ of a ‌U.S. Air Force Osprey aircraft that crashed off⁤ southwestern Japan last week. The joint search operation has located ‍the⁢ remains of five crew members, with two of the bodies already recovered.

The CV-22 Osprey, carrying eight American personnel, crashed during a training ​mission‌ off Yakushima island. The recovery of⁣ the crew members is the ⁢main priority, with the search still ongoing for the two people who are⁤ still missing.

The U.S. military has ⁤identified one of the victims as Air Force Staff Sgt. Jacob Galliher of Pittsfield, Massachusetts. The Air Force Special Operations Command ​is ​working closely with the families and loved ones impacted by this incident,​ ensuring their support and privacy remain top‍ priorities.

The ‌U.S.-made Osprey is a unique hybrid aircraft that combines the vertical⁣ takeoff and landing capabilities of ‌a helicopter with‌ the speed and efficiency of an airplane. However,⁣ the Osprey has faced safety concerns ⁣due to previous crashes, including‍ in Japan.

Following ⁢the latest accident, Japan‌ has⁤ suspended all flights of ⁣its own⁣ fleet of 14 Ospreys and has⁤ requested ⁤the ‌U.S. military to ⁤ensure their safety before resuming flights.⁤ The U.S. military, however, continues ⁤to fly 24 ⁢MV-22s, the Marine version of Ospreys, deployed on the southern Japanese island of Okinawa.

Local‍ witnesses reported seeing fire coming from one of the engines before the crash, and pieces of wreckage, including ⁣parts of the aircraft and an inflatable life raft, have been‍ collected ‌for examination. The cause of the crash⁤ is‍ still under investigation.

Local fishing boats have played‌ a crucial​ role in the search efforts, ‍with ‌the ⁣Defense Ministry planning to cover their⁣ lost⁣ income and‌ fuel. However, under the Japan-U.S.‍ Status of Forces⁤ Agreement, Japanese authorities do not have the right to independently ⁢investigate the cause ‍of the‌ accident,‌ which has ⁤sparked calls for ​a revision of ⁣the agreement.

The recovery and investigation efforts continue⁣ as both the U.S.⁤ and Japanese‌ authorities ⁣work together to bring closure to this tragic incident.

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  1. Disagree It’s heartbreaking to hear about this tragedy. My thoughts and prayers go out to the families of the victims.


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