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Hamas releases 2 female hostages, more to follow as truce continues


Exciting News: Two women have been safely returned to Israel after ​being ‌held hostage in Gaza City and handed over to the Red Cross. The Israeli authorities have ⁣confirmed⁢ that more hostages are⁤ expected to be released later in the ⁣evening, ⁤following a last-minute deal struck⁣ with Hamas.

The ‌two‍ women who were freed have been‍ identified as 21-year-old Mia Schem, who​ holds French nationality, and 40-year-old Amit Soussana. Mia Schem was seized at a dance party along with many ⁢other hostages who were abducted into Gaza.

The extension of the cease-fire for a seventh day has allowed for the release of hostages‌ and the delivery of humanitarian aid ⁢into⁣ Gaza. This truce has⁢ brought a temporary halt to the bombing and has provided some relief to the people⁤ of Gaza.

Despite recent events, the truce ‌remains intact,‌ and both sides are committed to continuing the ⁣negotiations for the release of more hostages.⁢ The positive development of hostages being reunited with their families has been ⁢acknowledged by U.S. ⁢Secretary of State Antony Blinken, who is currently in Israel during his third visit to ‍the Middle East since the war began.

It’s ‍important to note that the ⁤truce has resulted‍ in the release of 97 hostages, including Israeli women, teenagers, and ‌children, as well as foreign hostages.​ The ongoing negotiations may also lead to the release of⁣ Israeli men, including soldiers, as part of the truce agreement.

3 killed in Jerusalem attack

Shortly after the agreement, a tragic attack occurred at a bus stop in Jerusalem, resulting in the loss of at least three lives. The attackers were‍ neutralized by the police,‌ and the incident has sparked discussions about the need‌ for continued strength and resilience in the face of ​such events.

While the⁢ situation remains tense, both sides are ​working to uphold ‌the​ truce and address the⁤ complexities of‌ the ongoing conflict. It’s crucial to ensure the safety of all civilians and to​ seek peaceful resolutions to prevent further loss of life.

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  1. Great to hear that the hostages are being released. Let’s hope this truce brings an end to the suffering of many innocent lives.


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