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Houthi Attack in Red Sea Targets 3 Commercial Ships, US Warship Takes Down 3 Drones


Recent⁢ Attacks⁤ on Commercial Ships in the Red Sea

Over the weekend,⁤ three ‍commercial ships were​ struck by ballistic missiles fired by Yemen’s Houthi rebels in the Red Sea. The U.S. military reported that‌ a U.S. warship shot down ‍three drones in self-defense during the assault. The ​attacks have⁣ been linked to the ongoing Israel-Hamas war, marking an escalation in ⁣maritime conflicts in the region.

According ​to the U.S. military’s ‌Central Command, the attacks pose a direct ⁣threat to international commerce ⁣and maritime security, jeopardizing the lives of international crews representing multiple countries around the world. The U.S. has vowed to consider all ⁤appropriate responses to the‌ attacks, specifically calling out​ Iran for enabling the Houthi assaults.

The ⁤assault began in Houthi-controlled Sanaa, Yemen’s capital, with the USS ‍Carney, a Navy‌ destroyer, ⁤detecting a ballistic missile fired at​ the Bahamas-flagged bulk ‌carrier Unity Explorer. The missile‌ hit near the ship, and the Carney shot down‌ a ‌drone shortly afterward. Two other commercial ships, the Panamanian-flagged bulk carriers Number 9 and Sophie II, were also struck by missiles.

The attacks have raised concerns⁤ about the safety of global ⁤shipping‍ in the region, as tensions continue to rise ⁢over the Israel-Hamas war and Iran’s involvement in enabling the Houthi assaults. The​ U.S. and Israel have so far declined to directly respond⁢ to‌ the attacks, but the situation ‌remains ⁢volatile ‌as ⁣the conflict⁣ threatens ‍to become⁢ a wider regional conflict.

These recent attacks on commercial ships in the‍ Red ‍Sea have further heightened tensions in the region, posing a significant threat to maritime⁤ security and international commerce. The U.S. and its⁣ allies are closely monitoring the situation and considering appropriate responses to⁤ ensure the safety of shipping in the area.

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