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Indonesia volcano eruption claims 11 climbers’ lives, 12 still unaccounted for


Tragedy Strikes as Marapi Volcano Erupts in Indonesia

It ⁣was a devastating day in West Sumatra as ⁤the Marapi volcano erupted, leaving 11 climbers dead and 12 missing. The search and ⁢rescue ⁤team, despite facing safety concerns, resumed operations ⁢to find the missing climbers.

Amidst the tragedy, there were glimmers of hope as three survivors were found on Monday. However, the grim reality ‍of the situation set in as the ‌bodies of the 11 climbers were also discovered. The rescue ⁤team, comprised of local​ climbers, remained determined to continue ‌the search⁣ for the missing individuals.

Evacuation efforts were underway, with 49 climbers already removed from the area and receiving treatment for burns. The challenging terrain made the process of evacuating the deceased climbers ​a difficult and time-consuming task.

The Marapi volcano, known⁢ for its activity, spewed ash almost two miles into the sky, causing widespread devastation. This eruption ​comes after a series of volcanic ⁢activities earlier ⁢in the‌ year, prompting authorities to raise⁣ the alert level and‍ prohibit residents⁤ from approaching the crater.

Indonesia, situated on‍ the Pacific’s ⁣”Ring of Fire,” ⁢is no stranger to⁣ volcanic ⁣eruptions,‌ with 127 active volcanoes in‍ the country. The impact of the ⁤Marapi eruption serves as a stark reminder‌ of⁤ the unpredictable and dangerous⁤ nature of these natural phenomena.

As the nation mourns⁤ the lives ⁢lost in this‍ tragic event, the search and rescue efforts continue in the hope of finding the missing climbers ⁣and bringing closure to their families.

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