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Italian authorities stabilize 12th Century leaning tower in Bologna to avert disaster


MILAN — Officials have taken action to⁤ protect the‍ iconic ​Garisenda tower in Bologna, one of the ‌city’s​ famous Two Towers. The 12th Century ⁣towers have ‍long been ⁣a symbol ⁣of the city, inspiring artists and‌ poets throughout the centuries.

The city has allocated 4.3⁤ million​ euros for the restoration ⁢works on the leaning ⁢tower, with the project scheduled to take place‌ in January and February.‌ The Italy’s civil protection​ agency has issued a yellow alert for the site, indicating a need‌ for caution.

Standing at 157 feet, the Garisenda tower is the​ shorter of the two towers, with the Asinelli ⁤tower​ towering at 320 feet. Mayor ⁣Matteo⁢ Lepore highlighted the historical ​significance of the towers, expressing his desire for them⁢ to be ⁤recognized as UNESCO world heritage sites.

Since the 1990s, efforts to reinforce both towers have‍ been ‌ongoing. The initial phase of the restoration project will involve creating a containment area ⁢to prevent any potential damage‍ to nearby structures or⁤ harm to⁣ pedestrians in the event⁣ of a collapse. ⁣Surveillance cameras will also be ‍installed to monitor the site.

The preservation of these ⁣historic⁣ landmarks is crucial for maintaining the cultural heritage of Bologna, and the restoration ‍works aim ⁢to⁤ ensure the ⁣longevity of⁢ the⁤ iconic Two⁤ Towers for future generations to admire.

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  1. Great news! Preserving historical landmarks is crucial for future generations to appreciate and learn from. #ProtectingOurHeritage


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