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Michigan woman arrested for alleged shoplifting at Shop with a Cop event


Attempted Theft at Walmart During Shop with ⁤a Cop Event Leads to Arrest

GENOA TOWNSHIP, Mich. — A‌ woman was⁢ apprehended for allegedly attempting to steal from a Walmart in Livingston County while a Shop with a Cop ‌event was taking ⁢place over the weekend.

Michigan State Police reported that law enforcement officers from various agencies were present at the store in Genoa Township⁢ on Dec. 2, when they were alerted to a woman trying to abscond with over $700 worth of merchandise. The incident occurred while seventy-five officers were participating in the event at the supermarket.

Authorities were able to track down ⁢the 62-year-old woman from Haslett in the parking lot, where her vehicle was parked next to patrol‌ vehicles.

The woman was subsequently arrested⁢ and ‌taken to the Livingston County Jail.

The ⁤Shop with a‌ Cop event is​ a heartwarming initiative that ⁣provides support to families through donations ​from local businesses, allowing children to team up with an officer ​and shop⁢ for themselves.

It is truly unfortunate​ that such an incident‍ occurred during this special event, but the ⁤swift action of law enforcement ensured that justice was served.

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  1. Agree

    Great to see justice being served! No one should be exempt from the consequences of their actions, regardless of the event.


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