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Rizz’ named word of the year by Oxford University Press


Have you heard of the word “rizz”? ‍Well, Oxford University Press has ⁣named it as ‍the word of the year, and it’s gaining popularity among Generation Z. This term is used to ‌describe‍ someone’s ability to‌ attract or seduce another person,‌ and it’s ⁤definitely making waves in the⁤ language ​of the younger generation.

Beating out other contenders like “Swiftie” and “situationship,” “rizz” has made its⁤ mark in the annual ‍decision by ‌experts ⁢at‍ the Oxford English Dictionary. It‌ even came out on ‍top⁣ after a public vote, solidifying its position as the word of the year.

Derived from ‌the middle of the‌ word charisma, “rizz” can be used as a ​verb, such as​ in ⁣the​ phrase “to rizz up,” meaning ⁣to chat someone‍ up. It’s fascinating to see how language evolves and how younger generations⁢ are ⁢shaping and ‌defining the⁣ words they ⁢use.

According to the publisher, “rizz” reflects how younger generations are creating their ⁢own spaces, both online and in⁢ person, where they can⁢ own and define the language they use. From ‌activism to dating and‌ wider ⁢culture, the impact ​of Gen⁤ Z ‌on ​society is evident ⁣in the language they use.

It’s interesting to note that American publisher Merriam-Webster also included ‌”rizz”‍ on its list of the year’s​ top⁤ words, although it gave first place to “authentic.” This ​just⁢ goes to show the influence and significance ‌of this new word⁣ in today’s language landscape.

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  1. Disagree with bad grammar: Rizz is not a real word, let alone word of the year. Oxford University Press needs to reconsider their decision.

  2. It’s surprising that “rizz” was chosen as the word of the year. I’m not sure how it gained enough popularity and significance to earn such a title. #disagree


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