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Trump Allies Considering Sen. Mike Lee for Attorney General, Report Says


NEW YORK – Speculation is swirling about potential cabinet members in a second Trump administration, with Sen. Mike Lee ‍being listed as ‌a possible U.S. attorney general, according to a recent report by The Atlantic’s McKay Coppins.

It has been reported that allies of Donald Trump have “floated” the idea of Sen.​ Lee as a potential⁤ U.S. attorney general, along with other names like Sens. ⁢Ted Cruz and Josh Hawley.

While Sen. Lee’s office has​ not commented on the report, it is clear that Trump is looking to surround himself with individuals who align with his agenda, especially as ‍he faces legal‍ challenges related to the‍ 2020 election.

Trump​ has ‌been vocal about his belief that the Department of Justice has been‍ politicized under President Joe Biden, and‍ has expressed a willingness to use it as a political weapon “in reverse.”

As discussions about potential ‍cabinet members continue, Paul Dans of the Heritage Foundation⁣ emphasized the need ​to rethink the independence of the Department of ​Justice, signaling a potential shift ​in the approach⁣ to staffing key​ positions in a future administration.

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  1. Agree Finally some good news! Mike Lee would make a fantastic Attorney General. He has a strong conservative track record and would bring integrity to the role.


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