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Video captures deer breaking into New Jersey elementary school and fleeing


Uninvited Guest: Deer Causes Chaos at New Jersey Elementary​ School

Over the Thanksgiving holiday weekend, Cedar Grove Elementary School in Toms​ River, New⁢ Jersey, had an unexpected visitor. A young deer‍ made a dramatic entrance by smashing through a small window and causing chaos in a classroom before fleeing the ‍building.

The incident was witnessed by a​ man walking‌ his dog around 10 p.m. on Nov. 25. He immediately notified the police, and​ their subsequent search of the⁣ school was captured on the officers’ bodycams.

As the officers encountered the⁤ deer in a stairwell, the animal, affectionately nicknamed “Rudolph” by the police, charged at them before running down a‍ hallway and entering a classroom. Once inside, it jumped onto a bookshelf, causing a bit of a mess but fortunately not causing any major damage.

After a bit of a struggle, the officers managed to use a dog​ snare to safely remove the deer from the classroom, and it quickly fled the building ‍the same way it had entered. Thankfully, the animal did not appear to be seriously injured during the incident.

Following the deer’s escape, the school staff ⁤boarded up the broken window and cleaned up the classroom, ‌ensuring that everything was back to normal for⁣ the students’ return.

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