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CDC Urges Immediate Boost in Vaccination Rates for Flu, COVID, and RSV


NEW ‍YORK – The U.S. Centers for ⁣Disease ⁢Control and Prevention​ has issued a critical alert for health care providers to ramp up ‍immunization efforts for influenza, COVID-19, and respiratory syncytial virus (RSV).

The CDC emphasized the importance of increasing vaccination rates to combat the ongoing surge in respiratory diseases, which could potentially lead to more severe illness and strain on the healthcare system in the‌ coming weeks.

Health care providers are strongly advised to recommend antiviral medications ‌for influenza and COVID-19 ​to all eligible patients, particularly⁢ older adults and individuals ⁢with underlying medical conditions.

Recent CDC data revealed a concerning trend, with ​a 200% increase in hospitalizations‌ for influenza,⁢ a 51% increase for‌ COVID-19,​ and a 60% increase‍ for RSV across all age groups in ‍the past four weeks.

Furthermore, there has been a significant decline in influenza vaccine administration, with 7.4‍ million fewer doses given to adults in pharmacies and physician offices compared to the previous flu ⁢season.

While 16% of U.S. adults aged 60 and above received ⁤an RSV vaccine, only 36% of adults aged 65 and ‌older received a COVID-19 vaccine for ​the current ⁣period.

It⁣ is crucial to note that Pfizer offers approved COVID-19 and RSV vaccines⁣ in the United States,‌ and both Moderna and Novavax have updated COVID-19 shots that are also approved for use in the country.

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  1. Agree:

    It’s crucial to prioritize vaccinations for flu, COVID, and RSV to protect ourselves and others from these serious illnesses. Let’s follow the CDC’s advice and boost vaccination rates immediately. #ProtectAgainstIllnesses


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