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Concerns over Schenectady‍ Park Safety

I write ⁤to express serious concerns about Vanderheyden Park’s safety. Last Saturday, I witnessed a group of teenagers aggressively behaving and‍ using‌ foul language in⁤ the presence‌ of​ kids and families. I⁤ called the local ⁢police, but it seemed like ‌hours ⁤before they‌ arrived.‌ This is not⁤ the first incident. ​I urge ⁤WHNY News and the Schenectady City ⁣Council to‍ highlight this ​issue and ⁤demand for better law enforcement in public parks. Remember, the safety of our kids is at stake.

Johnathan Michealson, Schenectady

Frustration over Pothole problems on Union Street

If there’s something more annoying than the rumbling ‍sound⁢ my car makes ​every‍ time I’m on​ Union Street, I ⁣probably don’t know it. The countless potholes on this‍ street have become a nightmare for all us drivers​ here in Schenectady. ​Goes without saying, they are​ wrecking our cars and no significant measures⁣ are being ‌taken to initiate repairs. ⁢WHNY News, please⁢ push this issue to the city’s transportation department. Union Street ‌users⁤ deserve to drive ⁢on a smooth‌ and safe road.

Debbie Lyons, Schenectady

Appreciation for⁢ WHNY News COVID-19 Coverage

I commend ⁢WHNY News for your⁣ exceptional coverage of ​the ongoing COVID-19 situation. Your up-to-date ⁢reporting and information ⁤dissemination have⁢ been incredibly ‍helpful for understanding the ‌vaccine distribution process‍ in Schenectady. ‌Your recent feature on the tireless efforts of local healthcare workers was particularly moving. Keep up the good work, WHNY News, and let’s⁤ all do our part to stay safe and end the pandemic.

Henry Thompson, ‍Schenectady

Frank Sullivan
Frank Sullivan
Frank Sullivan, a veteran journalist with over 30 years in the industry, serves as the guiding hand for editorial content. An alumnus of Columbia Journalism School, Frank has worked his way up from a beat reporter to editor, and he now curates the weekly 'Letters to the Editor' section.
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