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Schenectady’s Plantella Expo Set to Take Place This Sunday


Are ⁢you ⁢a plant enthusiast ⁢looking⁢ to expand your indoor garden? Then you won’t ⁤want to miss Plantella: A Schenectady Houseplant Expo! This in-person event is perfect for ‌both seasoned⁤ plant parents and beginners. Organizers ⁢promise ⁢a wide range of houseplants, from tropical varieties to succulents, and experts will be on⁣ hand to provide advice​ on plant care. ​Plus, ⁣you can explore different pots and⁢ accessories for your indoor‍ plants.

What will‍ you find?

Vendors will showcase a⁢ diverse selection, including ⁢Aroids (such as Philodendron, Pothos, Monstera, Syngonium, Alocasia), ‌Carnivorous plants, Corms, and floral arrangements. You can⁤ explore ​various arts, crafts, and⁤ curiosities, ​as ​well as practical items like hygrometers, ⁤macramé⁢ for décor⁤ and accessories, and moss poles. Services such as massage therapy for ‌humans will be available. Additionally, vendors will offer essential items ‍like misters, nature⁣ art‍ photography, plant‌ paintings, pots, ⁢soil, succulents, and terrariums (both open and closed). The⁣ event will also feature trellises to enhance the⁢ indoor‍ gardening experience.

Where‌ is‌ it?

Plantella will be held at The Jewish Community​ Center (2565 Balltown Rd. Niskayuna).

How much is it?

  • General Admission: $5 pre-paid (includes‍ speedy⁢ check-in lane), valid​ from 10:30 a.m. to 3 p.m..

  • VIP Admission: $19.95⁢ pre-paid (includes exclusive ​first‍ access from 10 to⁣ 10:30‍ a.m., a plant grab bag, and entry into a VIP-only raffle for an undisclosed plant‌ species).

  • Day-of General Admission: ⁤$8 (cash only)

  • 13 years ‌old and ​under are free

When is it?

Sunday⁤ Dec. 17 from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.

What vendors will be there?

The⁤ Plant Connector

Genmai Massage ⁤Therapy

The Hoya Trove

James Bandit Photography

Jardin Court

Perfectly Petrichor

Sanguine Roots

Sara’s Succulents

Striped Stems

Village Blooms Coxsackie

Everything ​Kosher​ Food Truck (food vendor)

Where‍ do you buy tickets?


Rafael Torres
Rafael Torres
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  1. Schenectady’s Plantella Expo is a must-visit event for all plant enthusiasts! I can’t wait to explore the wide range of plants and discover new additions for my garden.

  2. Schenectady’s Plantella Expo is an event I’ve been looking forward to attending. Can’t wait to see all the beautiful plants and maybe find some new additions for my own garden! #Excited


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