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Gender Disparity: More Women Reside in East Coast Counties, Men Dominate the West


NEW YORK⁢ – The U.S. Census Bureau has released new data that⁣ sheds light on the gender imbalance in different regions of the country. The data reveals that ​women ‌outnumber men in the largest urban counties east of ‌the Mississippi River, along the Eastern Seaboard and in ‌the Deep South, while the West skews male.

These ⁢numbers are not just statistics, ‍they have real-life implications. Nancy Averbach, ⁤57, who⁤ lost ⁤her husband eight years ago, finds it hard to meet a compatible partner in her Atlanta suburb of ‍DeKalb County, where the⁤ ratio of men‍ to women is 87.1.‍ She says, “It’s really tough⁢ to‌ find quality ⁤men⁣ who share similar values.”

But the gender imbalance is ⁢not just about dating. It also reflects the presence of ⁢certain ‌institutions⁤ and ‍industries with gender ⁢imbalances. For example, San Diego has several male-dominated ⁤military bases, which is reflected ⁤in the sex ⁣ratio. In contrast, areas with large numbers⁢ of colleges or universities typically have more‍ women.

Furthermore, historic racism in the⁣ U.S. has also contributed to the gender imbalance, with high rates of incarceration and the mortality⁣ gap lowering the ‌number of⁢ men in​ some ⁣communities, according⁤ to⁢ Karen Guzzo,​ director of⁢ the Carolina Population Center at⁤ the ⁤University of North Carolina.

These findings highlight the complex interplay of factors that ​contribute to the gender imbalance in different regions of the United ⁢States. It’s not just a matter of numbers,‍ but a reflection of societal, economic, and historical factors that shape the‍ demographics of our communities.

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