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London court rules that Prince Harry was a victim of phone-hacking and editors were aware


NEW YORK – Prince⁣ Harry’s legal battle against British tabloids has reached a significant milestone with a major win in London’s High Court. The court ruled in‌ his favor, acknowledging that he had been⁢ a victim of phone hacking and other unlawful acts⁢ by Mirror Group journalists, with the knowledge of their editors.

This victory is a significant ⁢step for the Duke of Sussex, who has been vocal about the need for accountability and transparency in the media. The judge’s decision to award him around‍ $180,700 further validates his claims and sets a ⁢precedent for holding press figures accountable for their actions.

In a statement read by his lawyer, David Sherborne, Prince Harry emphasized the importance of⁢ a free and honest press, one⁤ that is ⁣properly accountable when⁣ necessary.⁤ He called for authorities to take action against those identified as having broken the law, signaling ⁢his commitment to ⁢upholding journalistic integrity.

Since relocating to California with his wife⁤ Meghan, the⁢ Duke of Sussex has been unwavering ‌in‌ his mission to challenge what he ⁢perceives as unethical practices within the British press. This legal victory is a testament to his dedication to seeking justice and reform in the media industry.

Today ​is a great day for truth ​as well as accountability.

–Prince Harry

The ruling ⁣also ​implicated high-profile figures, including former Daily Mirror ⁣editor Piers Morgan, in the “widespread” unlawful behavior. This revelation sheds light on the extent of the‌ misconduct within the media landscape and underscores the ⁤urgency for systemic change.

Prince⁣ Harry’s​ pursuit of justice is not limited to this case alone. He is actively involved in ⁤multiple legal battles against prominent media ‍outlets,⁢ demonstrating his unwavering commitment to upholding ethical standards in journalism.

As the legal proceedings continue, Prince Harry remains resolute ‍in his mission to hold the media accountable and ensure a ⁣free and honest press for ⁢future generations.

We welcome today’s judgment‍ that gives the business the necessary clarity to move forward⁤ from events that took place many⁢ years ago. Where historical wrongdoing took‌ place, we apologize unreservedly, have taken full responsibility and paid appropriate compensation.


While ⁤the legal​ battle is far from over, Prince Harry’s determination to confront the challenges of the media industry​ remains‍ steadfast. His unwavering commitment to truth and accountability serves as a beacon of hope​ for a reformed and responsible press.

The ⁣mission to uphold journalistic‌ integrity continues, and Prince ⁢Harry’s⁣ resolve to slay‍ the dragons ⁤of unethical media practices remains unyielding.

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  1. Agree. It’s disheartening to see how even members of the royal family are not exempt from invasion of privacy. Justice must prevail to protect individuals from such unethical practices.


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