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First time in the war, aid reaches Gaza via Israel’s Kerem Shalom crossing


NEW YORK ​– ‌The Kerem ⁣Shalom crossing between Israel and Gaza has finally opened its doors to aid trucks after being closed for several weeks. This move is expected to ‍double the ⁢amount of food and medicine reaching ‌the enclave, providing much-needed​ relief to the ‌people of Gaza.

After an Oct. 7 attack by Hamas, the crossing had‍ been closed, and aid was only being delivered ⁣through Gaza’s Rafah crossing with ⁣Egypt. However, with the⁤ opening⁤ of ⁣Kerem Shalom, the transit of goods in and⁢ out of‍ Gaza will be much faster, allowing for a more efficient distribution of aid.

According to‌ sources in the Egypt Red⁣ Crescent, 79 trucks have already entered Gaza‌ through the Kerem Shalom crossing, marking⁤ a significant step in addressing ⁣the humanitarian crisis in⁣ the ​region.

Israel’s approval of‍ aid entry last week has paved the way for UN aid trucks ​to undergo security⁤ checks ⁣and⁣ be transferred directly to Gaza via Kerem Shalom, in accordance ⁢with the agreement ​with the U.S.

Despite the positive development, concerns have ‌been raised about the capacity of humanitarian agencies in Gaza to distribute the aid effectively. Col. Elad Goren, head of the ⁤civil department at COGAT, ⁤emphasized the need for ​increased capacity ⁤to meet‍ the demand from the influx of‍ Gazans ​who‍ have fled to the south of the enclave on Israeli advice.

As the ‌situation in ‌Gaza continues to worsen, ⁤the opening of the Kerem Shalom ‍crossing is a‌ crucial ⁢step in addressing the humanitarian ‌crisis. However, it is ‍essential for all relevant parties ​to work together to ensure that the aid reaches those in need in⁤ a timely and effective ⁤manner.

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  1. Good punctuation and grammar, agree.

    Great to hear that aid is finally reaching Gaza through Israel’s Kerem Shalom crossing. Hopefully, this will bring some relief to the people affected by the war.


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