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Severe storm causes power outages for 700K, cancels flights, and floods roads in Northeastern US


NEW YORK – A powerful storm wreaked havoc up the ⁢East Coast on Monday, causing widespread flooding, ‌power ​outages, and travel disruptions. The Northeast was hit ​hard, with ‍more than 5 inches ⁢of rain falling in ‌parts of New Jersey and⁣ northeastern Pennsylvania,‍ and wind gusts reaching nearly ⁢70 mph along the southern New England shoreline.

Over 700,000 customers ‍lost‍ power from​ Virginia ⁤to New England, with Massachusetts ​and Maine being the hardest hit. In response, Maine Governor Janet ⁢Mills⁣ announced the closure of all state offices for the afternoon, urging residents to exercise ⁢caution and stay safe.

The⁣ storm prompted flood and flash-flood warnings for‌ New York City, Pennsylvania, upstate New York, and parts of New England. Trees ⁢and power ⁣lines‌ fell in many areas, causing road closures and damage to homes and cars. Heavy rain and⁤ high tides also⁤ led to flooding along ⁣the Jersey Shore,⁣ exacerbating the situation.

Flight cancellations and delays were widespread, with Boston’s Logan International Airport grounding all flights and ‍New York City area ‌airports experiencing numerous cancellations and delays. Commuter rail ⁣systems reported weather-related delays, and schools across the region closed early‍ or delayed their openings.

As the storm ⁤continued to intensify, state⁣ government officials urged ‍people‍ to avoid traveling ​and driving ‌on⁤ flooded roads. In western New York, several inches of lake-effect snow‍ were expected as temperatures dropped.

The ‌storm’s impact was felt across the region, with emergency crews working tirelessly to​ address the aftermath. ⁣Despite the challenges, communities came ‍together to support one another and ​weather ‌the storm.

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