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Gift ideas for book enthusiasts: Perfect for last-minute shoppers


Looking for last-minute holiday​ gifts? The deadline for shipping has passed, but don’t worry. We have found local ⁣businesses available to help deliver holiday cheer to​ your loved one or Secret‍ Santa.

For the book lover on your list, Nancy Scheemaker, general manager of Northshire Bookstore on​ Broadway ‌in Saratoga Springs, along with⁤ Janet ​Hutchison at ‌Open Door Bookstore on Jay Street have recommendations for you.

“North Woods” by⁢ Daniel⁤ Mason may already be on your‌ shopping list, according to Scheemaker. It seems to be on all ‌the Best of 2023⁢ lists.

Read this for its ‍magnificent‌ portrayal of a small patch of⁢ land in ⁣Massachusetts where centuries of life bloom ‌and‌ fall over time, cycling through the next generation of inhabitants — human, plant, or animal.‍ Mason writes with extraordinary grace and imagination in this sweeping⁢ epic, which will delight a wide audience.

“Eve: How The‌ Female Body Drove 200 Million⁤ Years of Human Evolution,” by Cat Bohannon ‌is a must-have, must-read, long overdue volume devoted ⁤to the⁣ evolutionary story of how women’s bodies became very different ⁣from ‌men, why⁣ this matters⁣ for science, humanity and you, according to⁤ Scheemaker.

“Put a little nostalgia and whimsy under your tree by gifting ​this⁣ lovely volume on ‘Gnomes,’ by Will Huygen,​ to someone you love,” ‌Scheemaker ‍said.​ “Originally published in 1977, this⁣ is the go-to manual on gnome lifestyle, first‍ aid, culture, ‍anatomy, legends, lore, ⁢and more. Just in time⁤ for the holidays, ⁣this book ‌has all the answers you’ve ​wanted to know about⁢ all gnome⁢ things.”

“‘The Simple Art⁣ of Rice: Recipes From​ Around The World for the ‌Heart of Your Table,’ by J.J. Johnson will help you joyfully master rice cooking techniques while ⁤creating ‌a diverse⁢ array of ⁤show-stopping dishes cooked around the globe,” Scheemaker⁤ said. “This ancient grain has a long ⁢history in many cultures, which ​Johnson thankfully shares throughout this truly gorgeous cookbook.”

“‘The Little Book of Backyard ⁣Bird Songs’ remains one of my ‌favorite children’s science books for any season of the year,”‍ Scheemaker said. “Learn how to identify 12 northern ​backyard birds by⁤ sight‌ and sound this winter. And when you’ve mastered this collection, you’ll be⁢ glad to know that more fun lessons await you in⁢ ‘The Little Book⁢ of Woodland Bird Songs.’”

For shoppers on ​Jay Street in Schenectady, owner Hutchinson has several ideal entries for last-minute shoppers.

“We’ll ⁢start with Mitch Albom, who⁤ I think⁣ most people ⁢remember from ‘Tuesdays with Morrie.’” Hutchison⁢ said. “‘The ‍Little Liar’ is a novel⁣ about a young boy in ⁢Greece who is sort of ⁣hooked in ​by ⁢the Nazis to do some ‍errands for ‍them and discovers that‍ he’s⁤ really doing⁢ the wrong thing.”

“A⁢ brand new book by ​Jesmyn Ward, ‘Let Us Descend,’ is a⁢ tough ⁣read in that it is about slavery, but⁣ it⁤ is beautifully written,” said‌ Hutchison, “and ​it’s something that ⁢we⁤ feel is⁢ very important for people to know⁣ about and to read.”

“You can’t ​beat ‘Barbara,’⁣ the bookstore ‌owner said. “It’s a hefty ⁤volume [992 pages] about‌ Barbra Streisand.”

“Moving down a‍ little in ⁢age is something for the ​teenage market, ‘What the River​ Knows’⁢ [by Isabel Ibanez] combines romance and magic ⁢and is set in Egypt. It⁣ kind of plays into the Indiana⁤ Jones idea,” Hutchison said.

“‘Drag and Rex’ is about a dragon named​ Drag ‍and a T-Rex named⁤ Rex, who are best friends. It’s a story for beginning⁢ readers, easy text, and‍ several​ stories in one ‌volume,” Hutchison said. “If everyone⁣ in ⁣Schenectady‍ is familiar with ‘Frog and Toad,’⁢ that kind of concept, things they enjoy doing ‌together.”

“Finally, a beautiful seasonal book, ‘Winter:⁤ A Solstice Story’‌ [by Kelsey Ebben Gross] is about the Winter Solstice with gorgeous‌ illustrations and its animals celebrating it,” Hutchison‌ said.

Northshire Bookstore is located ⁢at ⁢424 Broadway in Saratoga Springs and can be found online at www.northshire.com

Open ‍Door Bookstore is located at 128 Jay St. in Schenectady ⁣and can be ​found online at www.opendoor-bookstore.com

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Kiara Thomas
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  1. Great suggestions, I love how these gift ideas cater to book enthusiasts of all genres. Perfect timing for us last-minute shoppers!


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