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Hit-and-run in Schenectady injures pedestrian on Monday, according to police


Hit-and-Run Incident in Schenectady

SCHENECTADY — ⁤Schenectady police are‌ seeking information about ‌a vehicle that struck ‍an unidentified pedestrian in the⁤ area of Albany Street and Route 7 on ‌Monday⁤ and fled the scene.

The hit-and-run occurred at approximately ⁤5:09 ⁢a.m.,⁤ with officers finding the male victim unconscious upon arrival at​ the ‍scene. The man was transported to Albany Medical Center and his status is currently unknown.

Officers were actively ⁣searching for video footage‌ on Monday of ⁣the crash, Schenectady Police Lt. Ryan Macherone said.

“That’s ‌part of the investigation, to see if there’s any video evidence from any of the local businesses ⁢in that area,” he ‍said. “They’ll⁢ be looking at that as one of the investigative leads.”

Macherone ⁣said that the department received calls from a motorist and a local business who had spotted the male victim lying in the road.

According to police, it is believed that the vehicle that struck ⁢the pedestrian was⁣ traveling southbound on Route 7, from Schenectady⁤ towards Rotterdam when it struck the victim.

There is currently no ⁢suspect or vehicle description available and the incident is ⁤under investigation, according​ to the agency.

Residents‌ with information regarding the incident are asked to please contact the⁤ department’s tips ⁤line at 518-788-6566.

If you have any information about ‍the incident, please come forward ⁢and help the authorities in their ​investigation. Your cooperation can make a difference in bringing the responsible party to justice.

Kiara Thomas
Kiara Thomas
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  1. Hit and run incidents are absolutely unacceptable and cowardly. Leaving someone injured on the streets without facing the consequences is simply unforgivable. We must demand justice for the innocent pedestrian and ensure our streets are safe for everyone.

  2. This hit-and-run incident is appalling. The perpetrator must be held accountable for their actions and the victim deserves justice. Our community must come together to support the injured pedestrian and work towards safer streets.


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