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Gloversville’s Next-Man Up Mentality Leads to Victory Over Johnstown in Section 2 Boys’ Basketball


GLOVERSVILLE —‌ The⁣ Gloversville boys’ basketball team ⁤has been ‍showing a remarkable ⁢”next-man up” attitude​ this season. Despite​ being without starters⁢ Jordan Collar and Jaiden Artis due⁢ to illness, ​the⁤ team managed to ⁤secure a ‌victory against Johnstown.

Coach Ed Collar turned to ‌Rowan Halloran and ⁤LaBron Hudson, normally the‌ first two players off the bench, to‌ fill the ⁣voids in the⁤ starting lineup. ⁣They ⁤responded by delivering a double-double of 11 points and 13 rebounds, and adding⁣ nine⁤ points ⁤to the Dragons’ 55-39 victory ⁤over the Sir Bills Tuesday at ⁢Gloversville High School.

“The ⁢last couple ⁢of years, we seemed to start with kids being​ sick or injured, and this year, it was me being out,” Collar said. “Jared DeMagistris stepped⁣ in for me ‌as ‌an interim coach before I was able to come back last Friday.”

The​ next-man up attitude is something that ​Collar said he looks⁣ for from⁢ his ​players.

“It is what we have​ expected from this⁣ team,” he said. “Going into this season, ‌we knew we needed balanced scoring from everyone because we weren’t going to have anyone scoring 30 points⁤ a ‍game. We‍ are​ settling⁢ into our roles now. A guy ⁣off the bench ‌knows​ he has to ⁣come in ⁣ready to play. ‌LeBron came in off the bench ⁣and gave ⁣us good energy. Rowan and I talked before the game about him getting a⁣ double-double tonight, and he came through.”

Halloran⁢ said his teammates were ‍instrumental in him ‍getting comfortable in his starting role.

“Coach told​ me to be aggressive,” Halloran⁤ said. ‍“The⁣ team helped me out a lot getting the ball to be ⁢early, and I was able to crash ‍on ⁢the glass and ⁢get some rebounds.”

The Sir Bills got off to a fast start, with Andrew ​Lake hitting a 3-pointer and Ryan Hoyt hitting‍ a ⁤basket to stake Johnstown to an early⁣ advantage. Gloversville finished⁣ the ⁢opening quarter with Rocco‍ Insonia hitting ⁤a pair of 3-pointers in an 8-0 ⁤run for a ‌12-8 advantage.

Braeden Fennessey put the Sir Bills back in front,⁢ hitting three 3-pointers in⁤ the opening minutes of the second quarter, only to‌ have​ the Dragons come back to close ⁢out the opening half on an 11-0 run to carry a 25-19 lead into the locker room at‌ the half.

Gloversville stretched ⁤its lead to 13 before Maddox Pedrick⁢ and Dylan Hulbert hit back-to-back 3s to cut the Dragons’ lead to seven.

Johnstown could not⁣ close the gap any more as the Dragons settled down to ⁤pull away⁤ for the victory.

“Johnstown plays well as a ‍team,” Collar said.⁢ “We ⁤are normally a zone team, ⁣but we thought we matched up a little better tonight going man against ⁤them. We‍ gave‌ them some open looks in ⁢the first half, but made some adjustments at halftime to take that away. We started to get some stops and get out and run a‌ little bit.”

Insonia led all scorers with 17 ⁣points, nine rebounds and ​three⁣ blocks, while Dom⁤ Dorman‌ connected for 11 points‌ to go with two ⁢steals and ⁢two assists for Gloversville.

Fennessey and Hoyt paced the‍ Sir Bills with nine points apiece. Hoyt had⁤ six rebounds, Hulbert pulled down six boards to ⁣go with three points⁤ and Lake ‍finished with five points and four assists.

“We still have‍ a couple ‍guys out‍ and everyone stepped up their game tonight,” Halloran said. “Rocco [Insonia] had ⁢a good game, and the whole team stepped up ​together.‌ It was a good team‍ win.⁢ Everybody ⁢played their role.”

Tuesday’s game ‌was the ‍final Foothills Council contest⁢ in the Dragons’ Lair between the Dragons and Sir⁢ Bills as Johnstown will be making the move to the Western Athletic Conference next ⁤season.

When asked if the inter-city rivals ⁢will meet in non-league⁤ competition ​next ⁣season, Gloversville athletic director Mike DeMagistris ‍said, ⁤“Our league [Foothills Council] has to make a decision on how‌ we are going to play‍ our games. Right now, we play ‍everybody⁢ in our division twice and everybody in the other division once for ‍13-game schedules. Now we may play 16 league‌ games, but we haven’t made that decision yet. Once ‍we decide that, then we can go out and find our non-league games.”

Gloversville 2-4 overall, 2-2 Foothills) will⁢ travel to play Broadalbin-Perth Friday ⁤night, ⁣while the Sir Bills (4-2, 2-2) will look‌ to get back in the win ⁣column Friday​ at Glens Falls.

Johnstown ‍8 11 8 12 — 39

Gloversville⁤ 12 13 ‌17 13 — 55

Johnstown: Hulbert 1-0-3, Bramer 1-0-2, Hoyt 4-0-9, Yetto 2-0-5, ​Pedrick 1-0-3, Lake 2-0-5, DeMarco 1-0-3, Fennessey​ 3-0-9. Gloversville ‌scoring: Hudson 4-0-9, Dorman 4-1-11, Halloran 4-2-11,⁣ Porter 2-2-7, Insonia 6-3-17. Team totals: Johnstown 15-0-39. ​Gloversville 20-8-55.

Jack Sullivan
Jack Sullivan
Jack Sullivan, an informed and passionate sports reporter, is a former college athlete with a degree in Sports Communication from Ithaca College. Go Bombers!
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