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Locations for Christmas tree recycling in the Capital Region


NEW YEAR, NEW BEGINNINGS — Once the holiday season⁢ is over, it’s time ‍to think about what to do with your real Christmas tree. Instead of throwing it away, consider recycling it to give back‍ to the environment.

Recycling your Christmas tree is a great way⁣ to keep it out of landfills‍ and support other ecosystems. Whether you’re recycling to reuse or​ putting the tree out ⁣for collection, there​ are plenty of options available ⁤in the Capital‌ Region and the Mohawk Valley.

Here⁤ are some local sanitation services that will pick ⁢up Christmas trees as household waste:


In Schenectady, ​Christmas trees will be collected on your waste ‍collection day, beginning in District 3 on Dec. ​26, and concluding on Feb. 1. The trees are collected on⁤ the designated waste​ collection day for the districts. If you have ⁢any leftover yard waste, the city asks you to place them curbside alongside your tree. Same yard waste rules will apply.

For more information, visit https://www.cityofschenectady.com/531/Waste-Collection-Schedules or call 518-382-5144.


The town of Niskayuna Highway Department will be picking up Christmas trees⁣ from Tuesday, Jan. 1 to Jan. 31. Please be sure that all plastic and metal has been ⁣completely removed from the tree ⁢before placing it at‌ the curb for pick up.

For more information on the pickups, call the highway department at⁢ 518-785-9753.


Colonie will be picking up Christmas trees​ beginning Jan. 2, until all trees are collected (weather permitting), but no later than the last Friday in February. The‍ town is asking for trees to be placed on the ‍curb, perpendicular to the road and⁤ clear of ornaments, wires,​ bags or decorations. This‍ service does not include ⁣wreaths or any other holiday decorations.

For more information,⁣ call 518-783-5323.


Christmas Tree Collection in Amsterdam will be on Tuesday, Jan. 23 and ⁤Thursday, Jan. 25. ‌Collection will​ happen curbside and will be for all town residents including the village⁣ of Fort Johnson.

For more information or questions ⁤answered,​ please‍ contact 518-842-7961.


Gloversville Christmas tree disposal also runs throughout January. From Jan. 3 to Jan. 27,⁢ trees must be ⁣placed outside on the curb for pick up. All decorations and items on the tree, including tinsel, must be removed.

For more information, call 518-773-4556.

Other options for recycling or reusing⁢ a Christmas⁣ tree

  • Farms: Donate the tree to a farm. Trees are the perfect treat for goats and the environment. Sweet Rama’s Soap LLC in Earlton accepts‍ Christmas tree donations as free treats ⁣for their goats — just give them a call, 518-929-8073.
  • Chip⁣ and Mulch: Use the Christmas ⁣tree to make your own mulch. Rent or buy a wood chipper and process the⁣ tree. Store the mulch ⁢and age for at least one year‌ before using. If gardening is popular ⁤in your neighborhood, consider​ bringing⁢ the community ‌in‍ on the project. Designate a day for tree mulching and allow everyone who participates to take a share of the mulch.
  • Erosion Barriers:‍ In some communities, discarded trees are kept intact and used to stabilize beaches and⁣ shorelines.
  • Feeding Fish: Trees can be sunk into ponds to make a feeding area for fish. Use this ​on your own property, or check with ⁣your community ‌and find out ⁣if the city collects ⁢trees for this purpose.
  • Feeding​ Birds: Place the tree in your backyard to create a bird habitat‌ for nesting​ and feeding.
  • Artificial Reefs: ‌Some coastal communities⁣ use old Christmas trees to create artificial reefs, providing a habitat for marine life.
Juniper Li
Juniper Li
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  1. Good punctuation and grammar. Disagree. Don’t litter this festive season, recycle your Christmas trees responsibly for a greener Capital Region!


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