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Notre Dame-Bishop Gibbons defeats Canajoharie with Starr’s 28 points in Section 2 boys’ basketball


Exciting High School Basketball Action in Western Athletic Conference

Esiasyn Starr put on a show, scoring an impressive ⁤28 points to lead ​Notre Dame-Bishop Gibbons to a 72-55 victory over Canajoharie in a thrilling Western Athletic Conference boys’ basketball game on Wednesday.

But it wasn’t just Starr who shined on the court. Compton Allgood and Lincoln Baldwin also made⁢ significant contributions, scoring 18 and 17 points respectively ⁣for the Golden Knights. On the other ​side, Antonio Fairley led Canajoharie with 28 points, and Zach Herset added 12 more to the scoreboard.

Meanwhile, Dylan Keane’s 24 points and eight rebounds propelled Fort Plain to a 50-34 win over Northville. Kevin Becotte‍ led Northville with 14 points, and Connor Dickinson⁤ added 11 more to their tally.

It ‌was a close​ battle between​ Middleburgh and Galway, with Eric Pickering and ‍JJ Narzymski each scoring 15 points ⁢to help Middleburgh secure a‍ 50-44 victory. Carson Eagen, Jackson Flint, and Chris Mahar also made significant contributions, each scoring⁣ 11 points for the Eagles.

And in another exciting match, Berne-Knox-Westerlo emerged victorious with a 67-41 win over Schoharie, thanks to Blake Shaver’s 18 points and AJ Wright’s 17 points. Dayne Coates and Shane ‍Kirker⁢ also played pivotal roles, scoring 14 and 11 points respectively for ⁢B-K-W. On the other side, Matt Bernhardt led Schoharie with 15 points, and​ Preston DiGiavanni added 12 more.

Lastly, Jeffrey Mulhern’s incredible 40-point performance led Duanesburg to a⁤ dominant 97-33 win over OESJ. Mulhern’s 28 points in the first half ‌alone set the tone for the Eagles’ victory. Dylan Barnes and Collin Eakin contributed to OESJ’s effort, scoring 13 and 11 points respectively.

Jack Sullivan
Jack Sullivan
Jack Sullivan, an informed and passionate sports reporter, is a former college athlete with a degree in Sports Communication from Ithaca College. Go Bombers!
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