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Law enforcement inadvertently guided shooter out of building while searching for UNLV gunman


LAS VEGAS — The recent ⁣tragic shooting at‍ the University of Nevada, Las Vegas has left the community in shock and mourning. Body camera ​footage ‌from the ​responding police officers has shed⁤ light on ⁤the chaotic and harrowing⁤ events that unfolded on that fateful day.

As the two​ Las Vegas‌ police officers made their⁢ way through the business school, they encountered the shooter, Anthony Polito, ⁣who ⁢was initially mistaken for a bystander. The​ video footage captures‌ the tense moments​ as the‌ officers urged ⁣Polito to leave the building, ⁢unaware of his⁢ true identity as the gunman.

Despite the confusion and urgency of the situation,⁣ the officers ‌remained focused on ensuring the safety of the students and staff. The footage serves as a reminder of the bravery and dedication⁣ of ⁢law enforcement ⁢in the face of danger.

Following his exit from the building, Polito engaged⁤ in a fatal shootout with university police officers, bringing the terrifying ordeal to⁣ an end. The motive behind the⁢ shooting ⁢remains unclear,⁤ but authorities have ⁣indicated that Polito was facing financial difficulties and ‌had ​been rejected for a teaching position at ‌UNLV and‌ other Nevada schools.

The ​loss of three⁣ professors, Naoko Takemaru, Cha Jan “Jerry” Chang, and Patricia⁣ Navarro Velez, has‌ deeply impacted the university community. Their contributions ⁣to academia‌ and research will be remembered and cherished.

As the​ investigation continues, more ‍body camera footage⁢ is expected to‍ be ⁤released, providing further‍ insight into the events ⁤of that​ tragic day.

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