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Schenectady Trading Company relocating to a new location close by


SCHENECTADY — Exciting news for ‍the Schenectady Trading Company! Saturday marks the last day at its current location ⁤at 609​ Union Street before it temporarily closes to relocate to a new space ‍just a few blocks away.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to visit ‍the store one last⁢ time from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Saturday.

For the past five years, the Schenectady Trading Company has⁢ been a hub for locally made goods and products, offering ‍everything from clothing to crafts, furniture to food, and home goods.

In September, the‌ store’s owner Caroline ⁤Bardwell announced‌ the business would be closing, and that it would take about two months to sell the remaining inventory. However, in late October, she surprised everyone by revealing that new ‌owners had been identified for the store, Ali and Tom Bland.

Over the past few months, the Blands have been working closely with Bardwell, preparing to take over the⁤ store‌ at the end of the year.

The soon-to-be owners of The Schenectady Trading ⁣Company, Tom and Ali Bland, of Anything But Bland Designs, will be relocating the store to their building at 10 North Center Street in Schenectady. The new site is just three blocks away from the Union‍ Street ⁣location.

Excitingly, the ​store‌ will reopen at the new location in January, with the Blands aiming for a reopening in the second week of the month.

Not only will the Blands be keeping The Schenectady Trading Company’s name, but the new ‌space ‌on North Center Street will also offer free street parking, a larger checkout area, and space‌ to host maker classes and workshops.

Kiara Thomas
Kiara Thomas
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  1. Disagree. The old location had such a nostalgic appeal, and I’m worried the new one might not capture the same cozy atmosphere.


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