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93-year-old war veteran inundated with over 400 Christmas cards following viral Facebook post


BEAVERTON, Mich. – A heartwarming story of holiday cheer and the power of social media has emerged from Gladwin ‍County this year. Larry Pratt, ‍a 93-year-old veteran ‌from Beaverton, put ‌out a simple ⁤request on Facebook for Christmas cards, and the response has been nothing⁢ short of overwhelming.

“It’s unbelievable how many people are sending them.⁤ To get as ⁤many as we got — that tells you something,” Pratt said,⁢ as he showed off the nearly 500 Christmas cards he has ⁢received so far.

Living alone, Pratt usually spends ‍time with his neighbor, Jared Nickel. It was during one of their walks together that Jared came ⁣up with the idea to ask​ for Christmas cards for Larry.

“He was down and we were talking about hunting ⁢season⁣ and talking about the holidays coming up. And we got on the topic of Christmas cards and how ​a lot of people don’t⁤ seem to send ⁢them anymore, and he doesn’t receive ‍as many⁤ as he used​ to,” Nickel said.

After Jared’s Facebook post ⁢went viral, Christmas cards⁣ and thoughtful gifts started ‌pouring in ⁤from all over the U.S. “I’ve got them from California, Texas, North Carolina, Florida, just‌ about everywhere. It makes me really feel good ​that I get them‌ and when I put them ⁢up, I usually read them again,” Pratt said.

With 436⁤ cards‍ as of Dec.​ 15, Jared⁢ said they expect​ to ‌end up with over 700 by Christmas Day. “Larry is a great neighbor‍ and a good⁢ guy, and he deserves every one‌ of these cards that have been sent,” Nickel said.

Pratt expressed his gratitude for the outpouring of support, saying, “I thank the people that have sent them and wish I could meet them all.”

This heartwarming story serves as a reminder ⁢of the true spirit of the holiday season and the impact ⁢of a simple ‌act of kindness. It’s safe to say that this ⁣will⁢ be a Christmas Larry Pratt ⁤will never forget.

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