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Handwork project brings comfort to those in mourning by tying up ‘Loose Ends


SALT LAKE CITY — A heartwarming ⁤new online initiative is ⁣connecting ​crafters⁤ from around the world to ‍help finish unfinished projects, bringing joy and closure⁣ to families.

The brainchild of two ⁣friends and crafters, Masey Kaplan in⁣ Portland, Maine,‌ and Jennifer Simonic in​ Seattle, Oregon, Loose Ends pairs volunteers with‍ unfinished projects, creating a ‌global community of ⁤finishers.

“We have close to 17,000 finishers in‍ 60 different ‌countries and we’ve got just under about 2,000 ‌projects‍ going,” Kaplan ⁢said,⁣ highlighting the widespread impact⁣ of the ‌initiative.

One heartwarming‍ story⁣ comes from West Jordan resident Cheryl LaSalle, who inherited an unfinished afghan and baby blanket from her grandmother, Rose Dunlap, after her mother’s passing. ‌Through Loose Ends,⁤ Beth​ Parker was ‍able to finish the ‌afghan ‍blanket, bringing comfort and closure ⁤to LaSalle.

“And that means a lot to me. Because‌ it’s my‍ grandma’s memories,” LaSalle said. “Every project she did, she filled it with love.”

The initiative not only brings closure to families but also honors the legacy and artistry of the crafters. Britney ‌Snell of Salt Lake is working​ from a pattern published in 1947 to⁤ finish a ⁣bedspread​ started ⁤by Murray⁢ resident Sandy LeCheminant’s mother, Ruth McKilligan. ‍McKilligan, physically unable‍ to​ complete it, started the project when she was single but got married and had ‌kids and never ⁤found time to finish it.

“That’s part of her legacy,‌ part of ⁣her being is what’s being passed along,” LeChaminant said. “She still‍ has furniture ‌that her great grandparents had and to ‌her that’s important. That’s the connection to the past. It’s ‌far more than a bedspread. There are memories.⁢ There’s artistry. It is‌ a beautiful piece.⁤ The craftsmanship, the time, the love.”

Loose‍ Ends is not just​ about finishing⁣ projects, it’s about‌ preserving‍ memories and ‌honoring ‍the love and dedication that went into each unfinished piece. It’s a heartwarming initiative that is‍ bringing people together from all corners of the⁢ world.

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  1. I agree, offering a handwork project as a therapeutic outlet for those grieving can be a comforting way to help them find closure and peace in their healing process.


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