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New Measure Approved by NYS Cannabis Control Board to Target Illegal Cannabis Dispensaries


BUFFALO, N.Y. (WKBW) — The Cannabis Control Board approved a measure giving a law Governor Kathy Hochul signed earlier ⁤this ⁢month, extra strength, Tuesday.

The law increases civil ‍and tax penalties for‌ unlicensed and illegal sales of cannabis in the state.

Businesses caught illegally selling cannabis by giving a “gift” with the purchase of ‌a different product could face fines of up to $20,000 per day.

WHNY News’ Pheben Kassahun spoke with folks⁢ in the‌ Queen City about the topic.

Across various parts⁤ of the ​Queen City, you will find sticker shops that ⁣are either thriving or recently closed until further notice.

Locations like these are⁢ something the state is working to crack down on because “sticker shops” are unlicensed shops selling cannabis.

Cory Muscato said, “If they want to take care of ​themselves and ​their future ⁤opportunities⁢ to participate in the adult-use cannabis space, to realize that the regulated market is⁤ the way forward and it’s the long-term success verses the short-term opportunity.”

Cory Muscato is the regulatory liaison for Bison Botanics CBD Product in Kenmore.

Muscato said, “Present-day Bison Botanics is one of the first adult-use processors. It means we take ‌THC, we‌ take the plant, we extract it. We turn it into other forms of products, gummies, tinctures, savs, balms, topicals, pre-rolls.”

He said it ⁤is important for New York State to move forward with this regulated market ⁢because it would produce ⁤a much better market⁢ and much better consumer market.

Muscato said, “While we want to respect the legacy market and the culture and​ communities that have⁢ long ⁣since participated in ‌it, we also ⁢want to follow in it and make the lot for ourselves. The regulated market also‌ offers a more consumer-conscience and regulatory environment so‌ that there⁢ is quality standards⁢ so that there’s ensuring that there’s no molds or metals in the product. ‍The dosage is correct.”

Buffalo resident and business owner, Aaron Bassett agrees.

“It may be ​warranted ⁤because this is something that people ⁢are actually putting in their body. They’re using it for recreational use or medicinal use. The state wants‌ to ⁤make sure that people are⁣ selling the right stuff and‍ nobody is being harmed,” Aaron Basset told Pheben Kassahun.

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It’s important for the state to⁤ ensure that the cannabis market is regulated to protect consumers and promote a safe and legal industry. With ‍the recent law signed ⁤by Governor Kathy Hochul, the state is taking a strong stance against unlicensed and‍ illegal sales of cannabis.⁤ This move is crucial in creating a better‌ and more consumer-conscious market for⁣ cannabis products. Businesses⁢ caught engaging in illegal sales will now face ‌increased ⁢penalties, emphasizing the‌ importance of adhering to regulations. The aim is to ⁣provide consumers with high-quality products while also respecting the legacy market and the communities involved. Moving forward, the state is committed to ensuring⁢ that the cannabis industry is safe, regulated, ⁢and beneficial for all⁣ involved.

Alejandro Mendoza
Alejandro Mendoza
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